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Do you feel like you're stuck on an emotional roller coaster? You might be unable to sleep, eating too much or too little feeling overwrought with fear or sadness. Your emotions may be all over the place, or completely absent and numb. You may feel emotionally out of control as you try to make sense of whats happened.

I Provide Help, Hope and Healing on the other side of Grief, Loss,Betrayal or Trauma.

Recovering emotionally from any life changing event is a process. It can be hard to sort out what to do first if you are grieving. You may be overwrought with fear,sadness,options seem confusing and you may not trust yourself to make good decisions.You might.feel alone as you try to figure out how to move forward and reclaim your life.These are all very understandable responses to loss,trauma, relationship betrayal or difficult life transitions. . Others may have told you that it's time for you to move on with your life. You may be feeling like no one understands your loss or wants to listen to you. I understand the isolation of loss. The grieving process is long and different for each person. Allow me to help you on your terms and in your own time frame.

I specialize in helping survivors of all types of Loss,Trauma, Relationship Betrayals and Difficult Life Transitions,endure,survive, and learn to live again.

Discover Your Resiliency

Together,I'll work with you to discover resilience, hope, meaning, and successful coping strategies in the presence of loss, pain, or change. Whatever your circumstances,if you're having difficulty coping and managing painful feelings,I'd like to help you find your way. Call me today so that we can begin to create that path.

I have over 25 years experience in helping people heal from Grief and Loss,Survivors of Abuse, Postpartum depression, new parent concerns, LGBT issues, Anxiety, and Depression, Traumatic loss including Suicide Survivors,Partners of Sex Addicts, Gay/Lesbian  Couples and Parenting, Life Transitions.


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