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Counseling Philosophy:
Sojourn means “to stay for a time in a place or to live temporarily”.  This is my view of our life on earth.  It is a temporary stay, and our time here can be difficult, confusing and painful at times.  Sometimes, we need help navigating.  It is my desire to help you navigate your life and have the most abundant life possible here on earth.  Unless you ask, I will not direct you in what you should do or think.  Instead, I will try to help you determine for yourself what decisions to make or directions to take.  I am a Christian.  Everything I do stems from my faith in Jesus. 
That being said, I will not be “pushing” my beliefs on you while you are in my office. 

I believe that we each have a unique story and set of experiences that make us who we are.  What we believe about ourselves and the world around us impacts how we feel and respond to life.  Processing daily life with someone helps us gain understanding and make sense of what we’re doing and how we’re feeling.  Understanding why we feel what we feel and why we do what we do can help alleviate anxiety and stress in our daily life.

Training and Degrees:

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Auburn university (1995) and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Adams State University (2012).  Since receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I have worked in various counseling settings with adolescents and adults, specifically in the areas of substance abuse, family and relationship issues.  I have a particular interest in parenting and adoption issues.  I am currently a member in good standing with the American Counseling Association.  Finally, I’ve been married since 1996 and have three children, the oldest of which is adopted from Vietnam.
I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy with clients who are dealing with traumatic life events, PTSD, anxiety and addiction.  Give me a call to see if EMDR might be helpful for you.

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