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Feeling Stuck? Sick of repeating the same unhealthy patterns? Have Relationship and/or commitment issues? My experiences being a husband, father, and therapist allows me to bring a unique perspective in understanding situations that men, women, and couples face everyday.   I am genuinely curious about your personal story, how it has been written so far, and how you want to shape your future story.

Because no two people are alike, I work closely with each client/couple, creating a team where we work together, challenging ourselves to explore each specific issue or concern. Working this way, we will be able to tackle each subject in detail and completely, with a goal of improving or perhaps eliminating the issue(s). Hand in hand, we will work together to attain the goals we establish together. 

Individual Therapy

Life can throw you curve balls that bring feelings of stress, confusion, sadness, and other emotions. I use a compassionate but challenging approach, where we will work together to help resolve or change the stressful circumstances that brought you here in the first place. I work with women and men who are struggling to find healthy relationships, professionals trying to balance career and family, and many other challenges people face everyday.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging, complicated, and tough, but worth fighting for. Couples often get stuck in unhealthy patterns that are hard to break. I provide counseling for couples in all stages of their relationships, from dating to premarital counseling to those together for years. After an initial meeting, we’ll work together and tailor each session to the couple’s specific needs and individual personalities. 

 Ben Kandel, M.A., LPC 

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