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Core Values

Courage to be truthful. Open-mindedness to life experience. Empathy for the wounded. 

Kindness to self and others. Connectedness of all life.  

Therapeutic Focus 

Evidence-based practice - Identity work - Systemic psychology - Relationship education

Clients & Specialties of My Practice

Teens  -  Adolescents  -  Adults  -  Couples  -  Families 

 Anxiety - Depression – Self-Harm - Suicidal Ideation 

 Women's/ Men's Issues - Marital Issues - Work/ School Performance

 Trauma - Grief - Stress - Chronic Pain 

Life Transitions - Spirituality - Identity Development

Families with Special Needs  

 Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - Azusa Pacific University

Masters in the Science of Family Therapy - Friends University

18 month practicing MFT at a private practice in Liberty, Missouri

16 months practicing MFT at the Child Abuse Prevention Association – “CAPA” in Independence, Missouri  

Licensed by Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board 

Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy



Frequently Asked Questions

 "Do you take my insurance?"

I don't take insurance as payment. Instead, I offer an income-base sliding scale fee that is often comparable to a co-pay. 

Clients regularly have success turning in receipts for reimbursement from their insurance provider. 

I do take Health Savings Account debit cards.

"How many times will I have to go before I get better?" 

The number of sessions is always entirely up to you. There is no contract. 

There are many ways to be creative to get the most out of the financial and emotional effort that go into growth and I am always working to stay creative to provide that to clients.  

Some clients are looking for a solution to a specific problem that can be resolved relatively quickly with some guidance.

Some clients are looking to explore how and why problematic patterns have developed in their lives and that can take more time. I have seen it go both ways. 

What's important to know is it is entirely up to you and your emotional investment will make the best out of your financial investment. 


 "What should I expect for my first session?"

First and foremost, expect respect. 

You will fill out simple paperwork that will be reviewed and clarified by me as you do. It can take up to 10 minutes but it's vital that you understand confidentiality and terms of service. 

Afterwards, we will discuss what your reasons are for seeking therapeutic services and explore the source of them.

At the end of the first session I will offer you the choice of continuing a therapeutic relationship for your next best step in growth. 

"I'm going through a life transition (moving/ death/ divorce/ new relationship/ illness/ etc.) and want help talking with my family/ children about it. Can you help with that? 

One of my favorite things to do in the therapy room is open up dialogue and educate people about their relationships going forward. 

This can be extremely beneficial in times of transition for both adults and children. 

So the answer is YES! Absolutely. A well-trained, unbiased, caring professional can be very empowering and helpful for family systems in transition. 

"What makes Marriage and Family Therapist different from other psychotherapy disciplines?"

Family Therapy is a systemic approach to psychology, which means we focus on the individual, couple or family in the context of their relationships with self and others.  

A simple example of that is that you will notice that I refer to people I see in therapy as "clients" and not "patients." 

When you come to see me, I do not see you as "sick" or that "something is wrong with you". 

To struggle with mental health is to be human. 

My practice is filled with people who have stories who are brave enough to want better for themselves and their families.  

These stories often take place in relationships that have helped shaped who you are. 

 I focus on your stories and relationships to help you grow into who you'd like to be and to have the relationships you'd like to have. 


Are you ready to take your next best step in growth together? 

Are you interested to hear more and ask questions?  

I've been there and I'll go there with you. 

Call or text: (913) 343-1028



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