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I am a NY State licensed clinical psychologist.  Have a look at "Credentials" in my website - - to see what that means.  I help people cope with a wide range of problems, from what may seem like minor decisions and life transitions to serious emotional strains and long standing issues. Over the years, I have worked in state and city hospitals, community mental health centers, foster care agencies, drug treatment centers, nursing homes, and residential treatment. I have managed to see just about every kind of patient there is. For the past 15 years I have been exclusively in private practise.  I see adults, adolescents, and couples, and I conduct evaluations for family and supreme courts in New York State. 

My Focus

My focus is first on a careful diagnosis - that is, on finding out what exactly is going on; it may not be what you think.  We may know this the first session or it may take a while.  Then follows a gentle, compassionate, yet practical and if necessary firm approach.  Many people finish up in a few months, sometimes less; some stay for much longer - it depends what kind of work you want to do.  In addition to easing whatever discomfort, symptoms, or indecision may have brought you to me, you should find the sessions interesting, even exciting.  Perhaps this will be the first time you've been able to stop and focus on what makes you tick, what you really want and need, and what's in your way.  

The Process

All along, you should be clear what we're doing and what progress is happening.  Psychotherapy is rational and accessible. It is not some esoteric, undefinable, mystical process that only some people can grasp, a faith that only converts believe in and others do not. It is a logical process which anyone can understand and follow. There is no reason for anything in a session to be unreasonable or mysterious. On the contrary, in good psychotherapy every step should make complete sense; you may end up in strange territory, but it should be entirely clear to you how you got there.  

More About My Practice 

Have a look at my website - - for a full description of how psychotherapy works, when to go, when to stop, and much more. The site is not advertisement. It is an extensive description of my approach to psychotherapy and personality. You will find it clear, accessible, even comprehensive, without being oversimplified.  It is also jargon-free. Finally, for those who are out of the my area but want to work with me, web cam sessions work quite well.  (I had a few patients who I worked with exclusively over Skype but along the way came through New York so we could meet face-to-face; turns out I hadn't missed anything by seeing them over a camera instead of in the flesh.)
Finally, don't be shy about trying sessions out.  Outside the office, the stuff of psychotherapy can sound mundane, trite.  But it's very different to go through it yourself.  It's like riding a horse, skiing, being in a mosh pit:  You can't really tell how it will be for you until you try it.  So come a couple of times, and you'll know. 

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