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Bernard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive knowledge and experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the treatment of numerous mental health conditions. To date, Bernard has treated over 1200 clients.

Bernard’s passion for CBT started when he was in his twenties and struggling with personal difficulties. Through his application of CBT, Bernard was able to overcome his difficulties and achieve many of his life’s goals. In the process, he gained a deep empathy for the pain and suffering of others and became an advocate for CBT and the importance of evidence-based mental health treatments.

In addition to his personal application of CBT, Bernard has extensively studied and trained in CBT. He had the good fortune of receiving some of his training from Aaron Beck and the late Albert Ellis (Rational Emotive Therapy), two of the founding fathers of the CBT treatment philosophy.

Bernard opened his private practice, Strength for Change, in 2001. His mission is to train and support other therapists in the practice of CBT and making the therapy more readily available within the communities he serves. Bernard has also authored and self-published a book titled A Parent’s Handbook: The Essential Guide To Obtaining Counseling Services For Your Child, and a multi-media program titled The 1-2-3 Succeed Program: Helping The Capable, But Disorganized & Unmotivated Student. His 1-2-3 Succeed Program is currently being piloted at a NJ school district with the hope that it will be as effective in the classroom as it is in the therapy setting.

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