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  • 35+ years as Licensed Therapist & Action-Oriented Coach
  • 3505 Montebello St., Santa Ynez, California, 93460
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  • Phone: 952-221-6752
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  • Session Fees: $175 ea. 60-min session. $260 ea. 90-min session. Save $100 Buy five 90-min sessions. Save $50 Buy five 60-min sessions.Payment in full at time of purchase.
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After working with 100s of clients over 35 years, I've gotten good at predicting who will succeed, and who won't. It's a simple formula:
  The people make the most progress work the hardest between sessions.
That's it. That's the formula for success in any endeavor worth doing. I will help you take action, and keep up the momentum, so as you learn new habits, you keep building on them, until they become second nature.  

Working with me is a lot like working with a personal trainer. You tell me the changes you want to make, and we design a a program that gives you the tools you need, to make the changes you want, and maintain them. 
You'll definitely get a good workout during your sessions. But your success will depend on how hard you work between sessions--when I'm not around.
You can expect me to...
  • Work hard
  • Go deep
  • Tell you what I really think
  • Hold you accountable
  • Insist you do your homework

Don't expect me to:
  • Sit and nod
  • Agree with you all the time
  • Put up with bullshit
  • Work harder than you do

So no matter what you're struggling with, from the moment you sit down, we will get to work.
If you're struggling with depression or anxiety, I can teach you techniques that will help you break free from mental looping. If you're struggling with indecision, your program will include a daily practice of decision-making. Whatever you wish you could be doing can be broken down into discrete, doable tasks that will help you build confidence and skill, and give you the practice you'll need to stay on the right path.
Office location: From May through November, I see clients in my office in Minnetonka, MN. But I also do ONLINE COACHING WORLDWIDE year round.

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