Betsy Sansby, MS, LMFT

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  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist & Communication Expert for over 30 years
  • 3856 Boyce Ave, los angeles, California, 90039
  • Additional Locations:
      See additional office location: Minnetonka, 55345
      4275 Churchill Circle
      Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55345
  • Phone: 952-221-6752
  • Session Fees: $150/60-minute session. $225/90-minute session.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Email, Phone, Webcam

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A note from Betsy: When you're really struggling, you need more than a good listener. You need someone who can sort through the details fast, and get you moving in a healthier direction as quickly as possible.

—Ask good questions
—Notice what others missed
—Help you make a plan
—Insist you do your homework
—Make each step as easy as possible ​

—Sit and nod
—Agree with you all the time
—Avoid difficult topics
—Run out of ideas
—Work harder than your do

Once we identify the patterns of behavior and thinking that are causing you problems, we'll come up with a plan for how to change them. Each time we meet, we'll talk about what's working and what isn't, and I'll give you concrete tools you can take home and practice with between sessions, so you're always making progress--even when I'm not around.

Betsy Sansby is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 30+ years of clinical experience. She has appeared in Redbook Magazine, and has been featured in The Ladies' Home Journal. In addition to her counseling practice, Betsy is the creator of Express Yourself ECards, the communication app that helps you find the words you need to express the feelings you’re having more effectively. (Free download on the App Store.)

Office locations: From May through September, I see clients in my office in Minnetonka. From October through April, I see clients in my Atwater Village (Los Angeles) office. Online relationship consulting worldwide, year round.

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