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Meet Beverley

I am a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) with an MA in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University.  I am a Certified Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator, and a Life Stress Reduction Facilitator. I have extensive training with the Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy.  I also have training in mindfulness and meditation, and cognitive techniques.  I am working under supervision in terms of consultation until I complete the remainder of my registration requirements.

About My Approach
 My approach is warm and caring and client centered.   My highest priority is that my clients feel heard and valued in a non-judgemental, safe atmosphere, and that they are assisted in finding their own answers.  I am the expert on the therapeutic techniques. You are the expert on your own life.  I have a variety of approaches which I tailor to the needs of my clients. Counselling or psychotherapy progresses at the pace my clients are ready for.

I offer psychotherapy, sandplay therapy,  and/or social skills training for children suffering from emotional/ behavioural difficulties, problems in school or the family, bullying, attachment issues, loss or trauma. This includes parenting assistance.

I also offer therapy for individual adults who struggle with painful emotions related to self esteem, relationships, loss, family of origin issues, career, trauma, including PTSD; or those just wanting to grow and evolve emotionally and spiritually and achieve their goals in life.  
Sessions are available week days and evenings in Carleton Place and Smiths Falls. 

A Typical Session with Beverley


The first consultation session is to discover if we will work well together to achieve your goals. Then there will be a period of  assessing your needs and strengths.  

Thereafter, at the beginning of the session I help you decide on the issue you want to work on and the technique you would like to participate in. Sometimes I help you to go inward and find a place of peace as you choose what you would like to accomplish.

If Sandplay Therapy is chosen you or your child will engage in intuitive imaginative play with sand and water and symbolic figures to create a scene representing your issue or dilemma and its resolution. You may or may not tell a story about it. There is no right or wrong way to create the scene and no artistic ability is required. This can be a sacred process during which you experience your psyches inner knowing and receive insights, healing, and spiritual or life direction.

If evidence based Traumatic Incident Reduction techniques are chosen you will chose an item to work on such as a relationship, your job, your self esteem, or a trauma or difficult event. Through a series of repetitive questions and non reactive listening, you will receive clarity, insights and freedom form painful emotions and behaviours, related to past events. This might include the elimination of flash backs, emotional outbursts, avoidance of places, anxiety and night mares. Individual sessions always end when there is a positive resolution such as new insights or a lighter mood. Therefore sessions may go beyond an hour and sometimes up to two hours. This leads to more success sooner for my clients, and feeling better when they go out the door. There is a clear beginning and ending to session work so issues stay safely in the session.

I also teach mindfulness and meditation to calm, the body, mind and spirit, and to build maximum resilience and well being. Some of these techniques are based on Buddhist psychology, yoga, and brain science showing we can rewire our brains to become more resilient when life happens, and experience less stress in our nervous systems, mind and bodies.

 For children and families, I teach the Tools for Life program which helps children understand emotions and how to get along with others through pictures, stories and games. This helps them make friends, get along better with parents and teachers, and helps prevent bullying.

My Experience

I have over 20 years experience with children and parents in different Early Childhood Education settings, including working with children of special needs, and providing Sandplay Therapy since 2009 in private practice.  In my clinical placement I provided Sandplay Therapy to children who had severe behavioural and emotional issues who attended a treatment classroom.  I also led groups for children to help them with social skills. I have seen children with a variety of concerns, such as presenting with difficult behaviours, problems at school, divorce and step families, trauma, attachment issues and fostering. I have had experience counselling adults with stress, trauma and  family of origin issues with yoga based bodywork, mindfulness, energy work and meditation since1999, and with Sandplay Therapy since 2009. Traumatic Incident Reduction and other therapies were added in 2014 and 2015 after my MA in Counselling Psychology in 2013.

  My Passion

Helping people heal and find their strengths and gifts so they can live more fully.  I also love Jungian symbolism, dreams and fairy tales. On a personal  note I enjoy family and friends, outdoor activities, and meditation gatherings.

 Benefits of Counseling with Beverley

  If you follow the therapy process to conclusion for a period of time you may experience these benefits: a reduction or elimination of anxiety, flashbacks, emotional explosions and night mares, more peace and aliveness, a greater sense of safety, more clarity, a sense of meaning, more happiness, confidence, improved relationships and success in life.


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