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My passion is to come alongside and help those who are struggling with addiction, mood disorders, grief, trauma, anxiety and in relationships. I offer a caring and compassionate and holistic approach which considers mind, body and spirit! My approach is hopeful and positive! I want to know about your strengths, dreams, resiliencies and passions and what motivates you! 
I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at Elon University, and my Master's degree in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. I have received postgraduate training in EMDR, an evidence based therapy for the treatment of trauma and painful memories as well as a certification as a Prepare-Enrich facilitator for both premarital and marital couples.

Along with offering a caring, nonjudgmental approach, I help those I work with challenge negative thoughts and beliefs, set and achieve attainable and realistic goals, and process the negative and painful memories that hold them back. 
My specialties include the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma and addiction. I primarily work with teens, adults and couples. My treatment approach for depression and anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy one learns how to challenge and replace the negative automatic thoughts that depress their mood and lead to anxiety as well as replace dysfunctional behaviors with new and healthy ones. Many clients find that their mood improves dramatically when they think and behave in a new and healthy ways. 
For those who have experienced trauma, PTSD or have disturbing negative memories, I use a researched backed approach called EMDR which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Many people experience relief in even just a session or two. EMDR helps a person reprocess the trauma and rewrite what they believe about the trauma. For example, the belief "I am going to die" can be replaced with, "I am safe now."  
Personally, I am married and active in my church. I enjoy long trail walks with my wife and friends, grilling outdoors, playing tennis and leading Sunday School. I am passionate about life, living in community and helping people through counseling. 
If you are ready to take a step towards healing, growth and meeting your personal and relational goals, please feel free to reach out to me! I am able and willing to help!  

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