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  • Psychologist
  • 5975 Parkway North Blvd., Suite 300 D, Cumming, Georgia, 30040
  • Phone: 404-388-3909
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  • Session Fees: I accept most major forms of insurance. For those who prefer to arrange self-pay options I offer a sliding scale ranging between $90-130 per session.

If you’re going to place trust in your counselor it only seems fair that you have some basis for making that decision by knowing something about me. I'm Dr. Brad Hieger and I earned my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at The Pennsylvania State University and my M.A. at Ball State University with a double major in Counseling and Social Psychology. My undergraduate degree was in psychology and earned at Adelphi University.

I love what I do. My approach to work and life is threefold: (1) if it’s worth doing something, it’s worth doing right; (2) if I’m going to spend my time working, it may as well be doing things I really enjoy; and (3) have the ability to teach others and the humility to learn from others.

By nature I’m a curious person. I’m driven by learning and translating that learning into helping others in a number of ways. One of the ways I do this is through teaching. In addition to my private practice I enjoy teaching undergraduate students at Kennesaw State University and master’s and doctoral students at Argosy University; I have previously taught at The Pennsylvania State University, Illinois State University, DeVry University, and Shorter College. Teaching is a great way to mentor my students and help their personal and professional development; it’s also very helpful in terms of staying current with developments within psychology.

My main helping effort is through counseling. For nearly 20 years I’ve had clinical positions in college counseling centers, psychiatric hospitals, drug and alcohol centers, career counseling centers, community mental health centers, and private practices. I’ve listened to people’s stories, entered their lives, and have made a genuine effort to reward their trust in me by providing the very best help I can offer. I’ve taught my clients a few things over the years and I’m proud of the work I’ve done. My clients have also taught me a great deal, and for that I’m grateful to be in the position I am in.

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