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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 201 W 4th Street Suite 205, Claremont, California, 91711
  • Phone: 909-815-3722
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Why you are here: 

You grew up in a perfectly “average” family, not perfect, but normal; and yet you still find yourself asking, "What is wrong with me? Why can't I get it together like everyone else? What am I missing?" You feel disconnected in your relationships and struggle to feel excited about life. You feel like everyone around you knows something you don't and that you may just be fatally flawed. 

How I can help: 

I believe that healing happens in relationship.  My desire is to create a safe environment for my clients and to create room for their pain so that they may heal and find freedom. My job is to support you in the process of reconnecting; to yourself, your spouse, to work, and to meaningful friendships. 

I work from an attachment oriented perspective.  This means that we will focus on creating safety and security before we focus on creating change. We will look at the ways in which you may have not received safety and security in past relationships and the impact that has had on your life. Through the therapeutic relationship we will build insight, increase safety, and pursue change together. 

Although the process of therapy can be painful-I make room for a wide variety of emotions within the therapy room. I am as passionate about holding your pain as I am about celebrating your 'small wins' and laughing at life’s little absurdities. I use humor in session in order to bond us together and normalize the process of healing pain.  

I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Southern California with an emphasis in School Social Work and a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Biola University. I have training in Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Trauma from Echo Parenting. 

 Benefits of Therapy with Me: 

 Client's appreciate that we work together at your pace. While I may challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, we will create goals based on your desires and on your timeline. If you aren't ready to make a change, let's explore why. If you feel too afraid to take a leap, we will work together to create the safety you need. Therapy is a collaborative process. Your honesty is imperative in the process. 

The Right Therapist for You:  

I strongly believe that for change to occur in therapy that you find the right therapist for you. The right fit is key! Feel free to call me at (909) 815-3722 so we can begin to explore your therapeutic needs and if I am the right fit for you.  

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