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Sadness, anger, anxiety, and all other emotions are normal. However, emotions can feel so heavy that they dampen our lives. When this happens, we can feel out of control, like we’re always 3 steps behind, or we may even feel numb. Not only do we suffer, but our close relationships also suffer when we have not healed. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to feel good and to be satisfied with our life and relationships. Seeing a counselor is a lot like seeing a physical therapist, a dentist, or a physician. When our body is in pain, we simply reach out to the appropriate professional. Counseling is no different. For thousands of years, human beings have had healers specifically for matters of the mind. We have many of the same needs today.  The process of therapy can be difficult, long, and confusing. It can also be light, exciting, and hopeful. 

We are not meant to be alone. Brandon Engler believes that life is fully lived and experienced in the context of relationships. Just as mental/emotional pain and suffering often originate in relationships, healing and growth must also come from cultivating a healthy relationship with a competent healer. Brandon takes special care to nurture this relationship with his clients so that healing and growth come naturally during the process.  

Brandon Engler has a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Substance Abuse, both from the University of West Florida. He has worked in a university counseling center, and most recently, for a County Jail. Brandon has integrated these experiences to develop a broad and balanced worldview. He uses Integrative Interpersonal Process Therapy to help clients heal and grow into their best selves. 

Brandon works with a variety of individuals with many different struggles including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addictions, trauma, boundaries, and other issues. Brandon also helps couples improve their communication, deepen their connection, recover from affairs and other past negative events. He also works with families and adolescents to heal their patterns of relation to improve the quality of life for all family members. 

Brandon Engler believes that therapy doesn’t just have to be about healing, it can also be about growth beyond healing. When clients have healed their past and present, the future opens up to new possibilities. At this stage, Brandon uses life coaching to help clients access their full potential. 

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