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Are you or your loved one looking for freedom from addiction?
  • I offer individual addiction treatment because I believe we get to our core issues working individually rather than in groups. Group programs can be very, very helpful but individual addiction counseling is the answer to long-term, joy-filled sobriety.

 If you've tried other programs and haven't found success, please give me a call.
  • I also work with family members and loved ones of the addicted. It can be so confusing to navigate addiction and determine what is actually helping your loved-one. Get the help you need and deserve as you walk this journey with your addicted loved-one.

  • If you are getting out of inpatient treatment or finishing outpatient treatment, the quest for freedom is just beginning. The first years of sobriety will pose many, many challenges that you need support to deal with without your drug of choice. Don't try to do it alone or rely only on lay support groups.

      Get professional help and be nudged through your comfort zone to create a life that is truly representative of the person you were meant to be!
Treatment includes:
  1. Education on addiction including the neurobiology of addiction, what AA has to offer, 12 step methodology, and Biblical recovery.
  2. Relapse prevention 
  3. Emotional intelligence 
  4. Codependency and relationship management
  5. Stress management and conflict resolution
  6. Co-occuring disorders and cross addictions
  7. Creating a new life in recovery
  8. Change theory with practical steps to implementing change
  9. Boundaries and safe people
  10. Financial management and life balance
 I work with people struggling with all types of addiction.
Christian Counseling:
 If you are looking for a Christ-based approach to recovery or professional Biblical Counseling regarding your life issues, I can help. I am a Certified Biblical Counselor and have led many people through Scripture as they experienced life challenges.
The Bible has answers to all of life's problems but God also told us we need community. I offer Christian community in a private setting to unpack what is happening in your life and shine the light of Christ on it. We can walk the journey together as you apply God's principles to whatever challenge you are facing.
Financial Coaching: 
 I went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program and benefitted in numerous ways but my husband and I struggled to keep it in practice over the years and maintain accountability so we hired a Master Coach through Dave Ramsey's program. It truly changed our lives. By having a coach, we were able to address issues that we would never have brought up in the group program. We made so much progress. It was the best investment we ever made!

So I went through Dave's Master Coach training and am Certified as a Master Financial Coach because I want to help others. If you've gone through the program and want additional support, I am available to help you! Don't stay stuck in the prison of financial debt any longer. Take the step to get individual help and experience the joy that being financially responsible gives you!
  • I have a Master's in Addiction and I'm licensed in MN as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor.
  • I also have worked in corporate America for years with an MBA working in Marketing and Business. I was a highly functioning alcoholic and know what it is like to be a business professional in recovery.
  • I am a Christ follower but respect where you are at in your faith journey. I will not force my beliefs on you but will help you explore your faith if you desire. 
  • I am a Certified Biblical Counselor and a Financial Master Coach through Dave Ramsey Financial Solutions. Many people in recovery face significant financial concerns, I know I did! 
  • I am a recovering alcoholic with over 11 years of sobriety. I am an Adult Child of an Alcoholic and have loved ones who are addicted. My personal and professional experience drives my passion to help others. 

 Location: 480 West 78th St. Suite 111 Chanhassen, MN 55317                 

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