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Brett Williams

Brett Williams

M.Ed., R.Psy (Provisional), Registered Psychologist (Provisional)

To parents who have tried it all

but can’t figure out how to
help their angry child.

Does your child have a hard time controlling their emotions? Do you desperately want to help them but feel at a loss for what to do?

Parents who come to me for help often describe their child as “difficult” or “hard-to-reach”. They’ve tried near everything to help them, but the tantrums and meltdowns persist.

If that sounds like you - if you’ve tried reward systems, ignoring undesirable behavior, grounding or punishment, and if none of it has worked (or at least not for long) - keep reading.

As a Child Psychologist since 2010, I’ve helped countless “hard-to-reach” children (ages 5+) & teens transform behaviors like:

  • An explosive temper that lasts a long time.
  • Frequent conflicts with peers, siblings, teammates or coaches - that escalate quickly and easily.
  • Severe nervousness about going to school (or doing other such activities).
  • Strong hesitation about trying new things (or doing things they’ve previously enjoyed).
  • Persistent worries about safety in everyday situations e.g., in the car, at the park, with the dog.
  • Tantrums or “meltdowns” over seemingly little things.

However defiant your child or teen, therapy can turn their “difficult” behaviors into a thing of the past.

[No, therapy is not about lying on a couch, talking about your feelings. It’s about helping your child find concrete, sustainable and healthy ways to manage their anger or frustration.]

In sessions with me, even the most hopeless parents (who once worried they’d “messed up” their child for good), will be surprised (and elated!) to find:

  • You have a better, closer and much easier relationship with your child.
  • Your child has fewer conflicts with their peers.
  • You tackle far fewer bouts of anger or anxiety at home - and when they happen, they’re significantly less intense.
  • Your child is able to recognize and handle their emotions without stirring up conflict or acting out.
  • You can talk to your child about what they’re feeling, and they can ask for your help when they need it.

Ready to get your child the help they need--and change their life for the better? Book your child’s first session with me today.

How does child therapy work?

Children and teens often assume I’m an authority figure or that my job is to convince them to change their ways. This could not be further from the truth.

If therapy is to work, your child needs to see me on their level. From this place of understanding, we work together to uncover your child’s strengths and use them to find better solutions to their emotional outbursts.

The result? Your child ends each session feeling more empowered and in control of their actions and feelings - while you get to finally see and enjoy the child you knew was “in there” all along.

Book your child’s first session today.

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