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I provide individual and couples counseling to adults as they find more productive and meaningful lives.  I believe that everyone has an amazing ability to adapt and recover from whatever life throws at us, but that sometimes it takes a little help to find these resources.  Sometimes you need someone to work with you to create that life you want to live. I care what happens to you and want to help you find your way to what works better for you. 

Some of the areas I focus on are:
  • Depression Issues
  • Anxiety and stress Issues
  • Self-esteem and relationship issues
  • Personal growth and issues regarding finding balance in life
  • Dealing with feelings of shame
  • Communication issues in relationships
  • Marital and premarital counseling
  • Childhood traumas 

Prior to becoming a counselor, I was a teacher, and have taught counseling to graduate students for years.  In addition to teaching counseling, I have worked at helping families, couples, and individuals to learn how to deal with different issues since 2008.  Though not an exclusive list, I have worked with clients suffering from marital problems, addiction, both sexual addiction and sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues.  I use Cognitive Behavioral along with other theoretical approaches in working with clients.  That said, the client is always my focus and most important, not a theory.  I want you to feel comfortable and safe as you and I work together in a supportive relationship as we explore and understand your life and needs. 
In most cases when we are struggling we need to understand more clearly how our actions and thinking is not working to get what we want, and to recognize different choices that will offer better results.  Often we are stuck waiting for our situation or others in our life to change. When our happiness is dependent on things outside ourselves, it is a very fragile thing. There is hope; people can and do change all the time.  If I could give you one thing, it would be hope to believe this. It is when we recognize that we can change, and stop relying on other people or circumstances to change, that we take control and really start living.
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