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Are you in a relationship that was once loving but has become difficult? I am compassionate about helping people who are experiencing distress in their important relationships. The process I use focuses on gently guiding relationships towards greater joy, compassion and understanding. 

There is significant research on this approach and it has been found that 70% to 75% of couples move from distress to recovery and that 90% show significant improvement.

If you are experiencing distressful relationship issues, or if you are in a relationship that was once nurturing but has taken a wrong turn: 

Take action to correct the course of your relationship.
Enjoy a fuller, more nurturing, more joyful life together! 

Stop the fighting, the ignoring, the avoiding, the cold silence, the pain and the stress. Feel heard and understood by your partner. Get the compassion back. Move from relational distress to a more secure bond with your loved ones. 

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