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  • Licensed Professional Counselor; Grief Counselor & Thanatologist
  • PO Box 4492, Troy, Michigan, 48099
  • Phone: 248-779-9242
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Rev. Brian K. Shaffer, BA, MA, CPBS, GC-C, FT

My name is Brian Shaffer and I am an ordained Anglican Deacon with over 15 years experience in chaplaincy, pastoral care, and grief, loss and bereavement.  I’ve worked in long-term care, hospital and hospice settings and specialize in Pastoral Bereavement Counseling.   My passion has always been to walk along side people in their deep, darkest times to bring a compassionate, comforting and supportive presence. 

Being a compassionate presence reflects an attitude of openness and trust in God, imploring me to stand alongside you in the losses and challenges and difficulties in your life.   It is important to realize that you are not alone.   My goal in counseling support is to engage in best practice.  This is also about the best practices in life.  My approach is to give and live life in its fullness --- to put meaning into live, hope into a future, life into dying, love into caring, and spirit into all that I am and do.

To ensure my own well being, I spend a great deal of time in prayer and meditation, playing golf, and running agility with my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Margaret.  Additionally, I enjoy reading, being in nature, and traveling.

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