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Living a healthy life does not only include taking care of your physical body. Taking the time to invest in your mental and emotional health can lead to personal growth, great change and a new perspective on life. My goal is to assist my clients with restoring their mental and emotional well being to function as healthy individuals in their communities and families. I aspire to give my clients the opportunity to discover the power to change their life. I believe that we can all achieve a healthier way of life by constantly striving and seeking balance. This journey can be hard work yet there is help and you are not alone!
My name is Brittany Freeman Jean- Louis and I am a licensed professional counselor. I have worked with adolescents, children, women and families for over 10 years. I specialize in treating clients that have experienced depression, bi-polar disorder, grief/loss issues, impulse control disorders, stress management, anger management issues and trauma. During my Master's program,  I explored the process of attachment and enmeshment among single mother-daughter dyads. This intense work was a catalyst for working with adolescent and adult women populations. I have worked extensively with a diverse population in a variety of settings. Mostly my work has been with adolescents, women and families in residential settings, partial hospitalization programs, intense outpatient programs and the intensive in-home setting.
I have worked with these populations in supporting the improvement of behavioral and emotional issues including: oppositional behaviors, anger management, grief, anxiety, depression, poor impulse control, trauma and low self-esteem. Through individual and group therapy with clients I have assisted adolescents, women and families with conflict resolution, healthy decision making skills, appropriate communication, positive coping skills, identifying negative thought patterns and behavioral management skills. I want to provide an opportunity for clients to achieve their personal goals in a non-judgmental, caring, respectful and safe environment. For my clinical approach, I have often relied on cognitive behavioral therapy, however I have also used other approaches including: trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy (TFCBT), family systems therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).
My belief is that treatment is individualized and therefore certain approaches may be more appropriate to use for different clients that have different strengths and needs.
Part of my approach in therapy is assisting my clients with finding balance by using dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and family systems therapy. These approaches will help clients become more mindful, challenge irrational thoughts and find patterns in their family of origin that can be hindering current progress. Let's start your mental health journey today!

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