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“We far too often settle for good enough. A good enough marriage, a good enough parent, a good enough boss or employee, a good enough friend. But is that what we really desire, to just be good enough?! God wants us to have life in abundance! (John10:10). Life in it’s fullest! But to get there we have to break through the barriers that this world holds us too and find the purpose and potential that God has for us. It’s there waiting for us, we have to want seek it out.” – Bruce Cerbone

   Bruce has been counseling men and couples for over a decade as a Pastoral Counselor. He is uniquely qualified to counsel on real world issues due to his 25 plus years of professional business, "real world", experience and nearly ten years of church ministry experience as a staff member of prominent churches. This has given him the ability to bring Biblical truth to real world issues that help begin the healing and growth process and the opportunity to help people reach their endless potential.

   He has faced many of the destructive and sometimes confusing issues that most men face and has been successful in getting through them by giving up his pride and seeking help from those that could help or lead him to help, and of course by the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. He is a survivor of divorce and co-partner in the successful building of a blended family. He knows the issues that face those embarking on a second marriage or are currently in one and want to keep it intact, he's lived it out and desires to help you through it too. He is able to help those in first marriages navigate through and avoid the issues that cause so many marriages to crumble that could have been saved. "My mission is to see people that are unhealthy become healthy and those that are healthy, thrive".

   Bruce provides a safe, comfortable and transparent environment that allows clients to share openly without judgement. He believes in building relationships and being available to get the most from his clients. He uses Biblical principles with practical applications to first get to the root of issues and then to change behavior. Many of Bruce’s clients have moved from counseling clients to coaching clients due to the environment he provides, the straightforward approach he takes to clients' issues, and the healing that results. This allows clients to move beyond where they were, too moving towards their endless potential!

   His life experiences have brought him to this place in time, where his purpose is to help people recognize the purpose in life that God has laid out for them and help them reach their endless potential. He has a Master’s degree in counseling from Liberty University, is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, a Board Certified Christian Counselor, is certified in Temperament Counseling, is a certified chaplain, conducts seminars on conflict resolution in blended families and speaks regularly at men's retreats and conferences. He is also a member in good standing with the American Association of Christian Counselors and the Georgia Christian Counselors Association. He is married to his wife and best friend of fifteen years and Dad to three kids that have grown to be beautifully, functionally dysfunctional. He is an avid golfer, reader, and football fan.

   And it would be his honor to serve you!

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