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Creating Couple, Teen & Family Closeness

Bryon Remo, M.Ed., LMFT is committed to providing respectful, intentional and active counseling.
Bryon has been working with teenagers, parents, couples, families and groups for 17 years. He is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (license # 001109) and received his Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College, MA in 2000. Bryon's approach to therapy helps clients feel comfortable, accepted and yet gently challenged to address issues in more productive and healthy ways.
 As a divorced and re-married father of 3 children I have both professional and personal experience with family transitions. I share my challenges and successes where appropriate with clients. 

Bryon Remo specializes in the treatment of: 
  •  marriage/couples counseling
  • teenage issues
  • parenting issues
  • family therapy

In addition, he works regularly with clients dealing with:
  • anxiety and depression
  • substance abuse
  • divorce and co-parenting issues
  • adhd
  • social skills and self-esteem

 Bryon Remo believes that change happens when we identify patterns that interfere with our well-being and take active steps to break them and consider alternative behaviors. This occurs not simply from setting foot in a counseling office, but by taking an intentional approach when you leave. Having a willingness to do something different requires courage, mindfulness and a desire to make change sustainable. But it also takes new ways of thinking, creative interventions and a touch of humor to soften difficult talking points. Conflict is not what hurts relationships, recycled conflict is- that is conflict that repeats itself in hurtful and repetitive ways. Bryon's approach to counseling is warm, friendly, thoughtful and relaxed. He works tirelessly to give clients hopefulness and a plan to achieve their desired goals.
Bryon Remo views counseling as an opportunity to consider the many different relationships of which we are constantly engaged. He gently prods clients to develop habits that allow for greater awareness and to take steps that can lead to long term success and happiness. Bryon views clients as needing to become lighter in their thinking and yet restless in their desire to want change. He helps clients move beyond words and toward taking steps that require a bit of courage and persistence but in the end will feel more rewarding. Helping clients avoid patterns of complacency and replacing them with optimistic, deliberate and courageous thoughts allows clients the opportunity to take control of their decision-making and move beyond doubt, impasse and self-blame.
Bryon uses the following techniques/approaches:
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • existential therapy
  • narrative therapy
  • family systems therapy
  • psychoeducation
  • experiential therapy
  • logotherapy
  • structural family therapy 


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