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We believe in collaborating with our clients to pursue their mental health goals.  Whether clients are looking for resources and support through major life transitions, addressing anxiety, improving interpersonal / family relationships, or addressing problematic behaviour, clients are invited to work toward their goals in a non-judgemental and safe space at Cadence.

TRISH WHITE works with children, teens, and adults.  
Trish counsels in the areas of:
 - anxiety
 - depression - self-harm  - developmental trauma - loss and bereavement
 - and other areas of mental health 

To book with Trish, go to  Be sure to book under  therapist: Trish White


DUSTIN REEKIE is a Registered Psychologist with experience as a Certified Special Education Teacher, working with children, teens, and adults with exceptionalities - including behavioural challenges.
Dustin is currently pursuing his certification as a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (International Institute of Trauma and Addictions) and continues in his studies at Justice Institute in the area of Family Mediation.  
Dustin works with children and teens in the areas of
- anxiety- transitioning challenges in home and school- ADHD / Executive Functioning Disorders,and behavioural difficulties
- families transitioning into / among a blended family
In addition, Dustin works with adults addressing behavioural concerns related to anxiety, transition, addiction, and anger.  Specifically, Dustin assists men who wish to address concerns with sexual behaviour / 'acting out' that is causing disruption / pain (ie., compulsive pornography use, affair recovery, exploitive sex, etc.).  
To book with Dustin, go to  Be sure to book under  therapist:  Dustin Reekie 
Alternatively, to book with Dustin, call 306-291-0900 or email Dustin at  
At Cadence, we believe in collaborating with clients, to find and utilize their strengths which assist in addressing their goals.  We are committed to providing service in areas of ability and competence, building capacity in those we workwith.  
Our service-delivery model focuses on providing a supportive, skilled, and productive environment, by both
supporting and challenging our clients to make the important steps that are likely to promote positive change. 

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