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Hello! My name is Calvin, 
I am a sex positive therapist that is trained as a marriage and family therapist. I've been a sex educator for over 10 years and a therapist for over 5. My specialties include: working with queer folks, non-monogamy, kink/BDSM dynamics, leather community, sexual functioning and sexual self-esteem. 
I work with individuals, couples, and polycules. 
My style of therapy is relationally focused. I don't believe that therapy "fixes you" as I don't think you're broken. The type of work I engage with centers being radically human with other humans. It's in a safe relationship that I believe folks and explore the stuff they can't explore elsewhere. I rely on clients driving the session and I will point out the scenery. 
I am firmly queer affirming, trans affirming (willing to write support letters), polyam affirming, sex worker allied, and kink competent.  

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