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The weight of our experiences, choices, and life circumstances can get heavy at times. During these periods it can be difficult to see outside of our pain, to choose an alternate path, or to create meaning. In therapy, I work with adults, who are suffering from common issues such as: depressed mood, anxiety, stress, burnout, role identity and stage of life changes, self-criticism, relationship problems, and parenting issues. I will work with you to explore ways for you to feel more confident in your choices, connected to yourself, and the people and things you value.
Resulting from the therapeutic approaches that resonate for me, my central aims are (1) to create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental space (2) to assist you in learning new ways to relate to difficult thoughts and feelings, and (3) to help you feel more connected to yourself and others.
 My academic training includes an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology and an honours BA in Psychology. I pursue on-going professional development through training, clinical supervision, and consultation with colleagues.

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