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We're glad that you are reaching out for support.  This is the first step in healing, and we have every confidence that we can help you. Our therapists have worked with many Ottawa residents to achieve their goals, whether that be increased communication and connection with your spouse, improving your parenting skills, or better management of anxiety and depression.

Through our free intake phone call, together we will determine the best approach and counsellor from our team for your needs. Not every therapist is a good fit for every client, and this is why we aim to provide choice concerning counselling approach, location, as well as area of expertise. Our office staff know each member of the team personally, and are able to detail to you the strengths of their approach as well as the areas they have expertise in, ensuring a good fit. We aim to make it easier for you to find a therapist that is knowledgeable in the area you are looking for and to build a comfortable relationship with them.
Couple and Marriage Counselling
Individual Counselling for: anxiety, depression, addictions, anger, grief, and significant life events or transitions.
Teenage Anxiety and Depression 
Workplace Stress
Family Counselling 
Counselling for Children 
Trauma (PTSD)
You can be confident in our professionalism due to the fact that all of our Registered Psychotherapists and Certified Counsellors have at least a Master’s level degree in either counselling or social work. Furthermore, we require that all of our psychotherapists be accredited with their appropriate regulating or accrediting body, including the Ontario College of Psychologists, the Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists, the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Our supervising psychologist, Dr. Martin Rovers meets with our therapists on a regular basis to ensure that we are providing the best counselling possible.
Beyond this, we are a local team. This means that our intake office and psychotherapists know each other personally, and will be able to provide you with information regarding not just the therapists area of expertise, but their experience and therapeutic approach.  This type of connection also ensures that referrals can take place smoothly, for example, if you are seeking for individual and family counselling, we can facilitate the referral to both a family therapist and individual therapist without you as the client needing to do additional work.
For specific areas of expertise, please refer to our profile or call us at 613-425-4257. If you do not see it on our profile, it does not necessarily mean that we are unable to offer it. Broadly speaking, we offer individual, couple/marital, family, and workplace counselling. We also have therapists that are able to provide individual psychotherapy services to children and teenagers. 
Founded in 2006, we have grown to serve all of Ottawa and the surrounding area. We have office locations in the Downtown, Ottawa South/Riverside, Nepean, Kanata, and Orleans. Please contact us for further information on the office that is closest to you.
Therapeutic Approach
All of our therapists are client centred, meaning that they integrate their approaches and modify them to fit your needs. It is also a therapeutic stance that aims to create an environment of non-judgement, safety, and warmth that empowers clients to implement their own solutions and fosters real change.
Some of the main approaches that our therapists draw on as the tailor a treatment plan for you include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Mindfulness, Emotionally Focused Couple & Family Therapy, Attachment Family Therapy, Systems Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Psychodynamic. 
We understand that life is busy, and that there are demands on your time. We aim to provide maximum flexibility as our therapists provide daytime, evening, and Saturday appointments. From the time you have confirmed with us, you will have an appointment booked within one to two weeks.
You will find that our rates are industry standard and are on par with other counselling and psychotherapy rates here in Ottawa. As our therapists are supervised by an Ontario Registered Psychologist, we are able to offer receipts that can be used for reimbursement from most insurance policies.
If the fee is a concern, please ask us about our sliding scale rates. 
Contact us today, either via e-mail or phone, to have someone from our office accompany you to discern the best therapist for your needs. 

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