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     I'm a native of New England, and a graduate of Brandeis University (BA) and the University of Connecticut (MA, Ph.D.).  After several years teaching and working in hospital and mental health centers, I started my private practice here in Nashua, NH.  Rooted here now for about thirty years, with my children having grown-up here and graduated from the local school systems, I feel that I'm part of the community and here to stay in Southern New Hampshire. 

     While having started-out with a general practice of clinical psychology, I have gradually found my strengths and discovered the types of work where I feel most personally helpful.  At the same time, the continued popularity of the book I co-authored early in my career ("If This Is Love, Why Do I Feel So Insecure?" Random House, 1990), has kept me working with couples concerning problems in close relationships.  At this point, 50% to 60% of my time is spent counseling couples, whether in premarital counseling or marriage counseling, whether at times of crisis or at calmer times of seeking marital enrichment; and at all stages, from dating through the proverbial "empty nest" and adjusting to retirement.  After thirty years of working with couples, I guess it makes me one of the most experienced marriage counselors in New Hampshire.


        I am very strongly of the belief that the happiness and joy in relationships, as well as the repeated frustrations and sometimes heartbreaks, center around communications.  Being able to communicate effectively is so very basic and important.  How we communicate seems much more important than what we happen to be communicating at any given moment.  I believe that we have to be watching over the communications process throughout relationship and marriage counseling.  Building mutual understanding and empathy, filling the proverbial "water tower" with positive regard and expectations is so very important.  

      I often wish that couples came to counseling every 30,000 miles like when they do major service on their automobiles!  I muse about a "marriage maintenance plan"!  However, the reality is that we are so busy with day-to-day work and family life, that our marital relationships do not get needed attention until there's a crisis point of some sort.  This is how I have gained so much experience helping couples when crises like infidelity occur, when trust is violated by unfaithfulness or cheating, whether it be a sexual or emotional affair, or when boundary problems on social media occur, or times that cause doubts about whether you still have the needed feelings for your partner.  Trust is lost, doubts grow,  resentments grow, and questions emerge about whether we "really know each other anymore." These are some of the points where couples come to counseling.  My job is to do my best to make good use of these crisis points for the sake of all.  This involves clear and thorough communication, helping couples understand how they got to this point, and how to bring about lasting changes.

     Additionally, I work with individual women and men often around relationship issues, but also various turning points in their lives, times of adjustment to changes and challenges, and times when more difficult clinical conditions become the focus (e.g., postpartum depression, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, personality factors interacting with home and workplace demands, and so on).

     It's a pleasure also to consult with web, print and broadcast media on relationship and marriage stories, and more general family, developmental, and personality psychology topics.  "Giving psychology away," sharing with the public what my discipline has learned, and what I've personally learned as a practicing clinical psychologist -- educating the public and increasing public awareness of psychology and mental health topics -- has its rewards.
Please see me on the web at, visit my blog entitled Observations and Thoughts of a NH Psychologist,  read more about the relationships book on Amazon here,  read my psychology and behavioral health news posts on Twitter here, or simply "Google" me by name, or the title of my book, to learn more. 

**And please feel free to call to discuss any questions you might have prior to making an appointment.  As I've been here in Nashua for many years, I also can be a resource for referrals to other providers and agencies with whom I've become acquainted.

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