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  • Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
  • 605 Le Brun Road, Amherst, New York, 14226
  • Phone: 716-835-8288
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I am a senior PhD Clinical Psychologist and Institute Trained Psychoanalyst who has studied in Boston, Toronto and New York City.  I typically work with high functioning individuals who are reflective and want to spend the time understanding both their selves and their world, either to make changes or to re-commit to the path they are
already on.  As the only Self Psychologist in Western New York, I practice what I see as a "kinder and gentler"
approach where empathy and understanding are the cornerstone of my work and confrontation and invalidation ( so
central to other older approaches) is seen as rarely productive.  I work in a highly confidential manner where there are no indelible electronic records nor pathological diagnoses.  This approach ensures the protection of  confidentiality and ensures the trusting relationship which is so central to healing human pain.
I no longer participate in insurance panels, but prefer to lower my fees when necessary so people can take their time
and stay as long as they themselves wish, not dictated by third parties interfering with lots of questions about
"proving medical necessity."
I am also an author with a specialty in understanding resilience.  Life is hard for all of us, but it is even harder
for some. My book is entitled: "How to Bounce Back When You Think You Can't: The P.R.I.D.E. Factor and it offers concrete techniques for "bouncing back" when one feels he or she has done something "wrong," that someone else
has done something "wrong" to them, or that "life has done something wrong."  These three injuries embrace
really all that can happen to throw oneself off course. And the pitfalls of hopelessness, despair, feeling stuck in guilt and shame pertain to each and can be healed with the method I offer.
People describe my style as warm and responsive to what each individual needs.  I carefully tune- into exploring and respecting whatever each individual uniquely needs to progress, realizing that some like me to talk more and some like me to talk less.  I focus on the core importance of customizing my approach to each individual person and I am very inquiring about what helps and flexible in providing what is needed.  I also offer a free visit to a spouse or a family member because I believe that how well or vital we feel, or how discouraged our outlook looks, often depends on the varying states of the interpersonal context in which we live.

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