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Approach to Therapy
 I use psychodynamic psychotherapy to help clients develop a deeper awareness of themselves and their circumstances. We may explore past experiences, current relationships, educational and vocational background, cultural and religious values.   We may also consider the impact on personality of individual differences such as gender, race, culture, disability and sexual orientation.  

Therapy can assist clients to:
          . lessen feelings of depression or anxiety,          . build self esteem,
          . resolve inner conflict,
          . learn to manage stress,
          . develop new ways of dealing with interpersonal conflict at home or at work,
          . learn effective communication skills,
          . understand the special challenges posed by gender, race, culture, disability, sexual orientation,
          . explore spiritual experience and concerns.

Therapy may also involve teaching new skills to assist clients in changing existing patterns of behavior: e.g. assertiveness, relaxation, effective communication, anger management. Meditation practice may be integrated withtherapy to help deepen self-understanding and manage stress.

As therapy progresses, a unique way of working typically evolves that reflects the client’s own needs and personality along with my therapeutic style. I value the complexity and diversity of human experience and approach clients with an attitude that is multicultural, feminist, and queer-positive.
FeesPsychological services, unfortunately, are not covered by OHIP.  However, as a registered psychologist, my fees are covered by most private insurance plans.  Check if you or a family member has coverage through your employer, union or other party.   If you do not have coverage or if your coverage is limited, you may qualify for a reduced rate, depending on family income.  If referred by a physician, you may be able to deduct the fees as a medical expense on your income tax.

Session FrequencySessions are typically scheduled once a week, although more or less frequent sessions can be scheduled as needed.

Professional Experience
I received my doctorate in Psychology in 1970 from the University of Michigan.  My initial work was in Social and Educational Psychology. I later obtained post-doctoral training in psychotherapy and qualified as a registered psychologist in 1996.  
Prior to moving to full-time clinical practice, I was a Professor at The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at theUniversity of Toronto, both as a member of the Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology and the Department of Special Education, of which I was chair.   I am a widely published researcher and author in deaf education, social-emotional development, and
counseling psychology.

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