Catherine Rennert, MS, LCPC

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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • 1615 Harlem Blvd., Rockford, Illinois, 61103
  • Phone: 815-621-5329
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  • Session Fees: $100/meeting. Cash or check payments at end of session. Insurance accepted. No medical cards because Medicaid/Medicare will not reimburse LCPC.

Counseling is a second career for me and I completed my Masters at Dayton University in my late 40s.  My own life experiences give me a measure of compassion and understanding that I might not bring to clients if I were fresh out of college.  I know, first hand, the loss of a spouse to cancer, single parenting of two young sons, remarriage and eventual divorce, living alone for 12 years and a third marriage that has been a gift.

I assist with a support group for individuals who suffer from depression and bipolar disorders and see from their suffering how fragile life is.  

My life is simple.  I like to garden and I like to listen to people.  If you come here for counseling you will be safe from judgment and criticism.  If you want to work toward goals, I will help and support you in your work. If you are interested in trying alternative types of therapy, we can use EMDR and/or TFT to resolve those difficult issues.  And when you are ready to move on, I will send you with a blessing.   

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