Cecilia Mannella, BSW, MSW, RSW, RCC

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  • Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker
  • 203-2276 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia, V2T 2X5
  • Phone: 604-746-2025
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  • Session Fees: $110/ hour individual session and $120/hour for couple's and family sessions
  • www.eternacounselling.ca

What people say about Cecilia:

  • Cecilia is genuine, insightful and caring with a refreshing sense of humour. She is incredible gifted and effective at helping me change my life.
  • Cecilia helped me fight for my life, to find my inner strength to make the changes I needed and wanted to make.
  • Cecilia is approachable and has helped me recover from the impact of being a victim of a crime. I reconnected to myself and my family.
  • Cecilia is funny, easy going and tough. She calls you out on how you’re getting in the way of your life changing and supports you in making those tough changes.

What Cecilia says about herself and her approach to helping people change:

I approach counselling as a joint endeavour to practice courage, love, strength and compassion in the face of fear, shame, trauma, guilt and anger. I believe in the unique strength and wisdom of each person and strive to create an experience where one can safely and openly connect with that wisdom to create change in their lives. My philosophy is that I do not have all the answers, but I do have good questions that help you discover the answers that fit and work for you. I believe that people have the ability to live the life they want and change is possible. I also believe in creating this change in a laid back professional relationship and using humour to find solutions

Approaches used: narrative therapy, feminist therapy, gender therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, life skills coaching and mindfullness

Areas of practice:

Trauma (current and historical), life transitions, family conflicts, addictions, gender therapy, body image/eating disorders, relationship conflict, depression/anxiety, adoption, grief and loss, military families, and personal growth

Populations: women, men and transgender individuals, youth, young adults, adults and families/couples

Community Affiliations and Partnerships:

ICBC, Worksafe BC, Abbotsford Community Services, Hospice Society, Ministry of Child and Family Development (Family Resources and Adoption), CHOICES Adoptions and Counselling Services, Mission RCMP Victim Services, Abbotsford Specialized Victim Assistance, Youth Resource Centre, Valley Law Group, University of the Fraser Valley, Elizabeth Fry Society, Abbotsford Police Based Victim Services

Approved Provider for:

Crime Victim Assistance Program

Veteran’s Affair Canada

Canadian Armed Forces

Pacific Blue Cross

Worksafe BC

ICBC Rehabilitation

Ministry of Child and Family Development

Abbotsford Hospice Society


British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, Registration #3436, Registered Clinical Counsellor

British Columbia College of Social Workers, Registration #8476, Registered Social Worker

British Columbia Association of Social Workers, Registration #1001616

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