Cecilia Pintos, M.Ed, C.C.C

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Cecilia is originally from Uruguay, and moved to Canada in 1995. She offers counselling in English and Spanish.
Cecilia is registered with The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association since 2006.
Cecilia is a very passionate counsellor who believes that people possess the intrinsic capacity to change old patterns they have been repeating without noticing. Cecilia invites you to challenge these patterns and create healthier ones, and she offers to accompany you during what can be at times an emotionally consuming process.
Cecilia has a background in Psychoanalysis from Universidad of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She enhanced her education by completing a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Regina.
Cecilia has fifteen years of experience in counselling youth and adults in different areas such as depression, anxiety, life stages, grief, couple relationships, stress, and others.
Cecilia experienced therapy herself for eight years. This experience led her to understand and firmly believe that therapy is not necessarily a comfortable process; however, when the process is completed, the metamorphosis in one’s attitudes, behaviours and feelings are noticeable by oneself and others.
Cecilia trusts that the end result of therapy will be a new state in which the individual's enlightened desires will give a strong sense of relief. In addition, he or she will have the capacity to accept ambiguity, unpredictable circumstances, and the unknown aspects of life.

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