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  • Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Tele-Counselor
  • 1101 Lake St, Ste 400, OAK PARK, Illinois, 60301
  • Phone: 708 445-1898
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  • Session Fees: Individual Counseling: $110.00 / 55 minutes, Couples and Families: $110.00 / 55 minutes.

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What’s Therapy like?

I believe that the power of therapy is connecting with you about what you are telling me without judging you. There are plenty of people in your life that do that already.

Many people have no one who really listens. In fact, you may find it a bit uncomfortable, at first. That’s okay. You will get used to it.

You and I both know you are not here searching for a therapist because your life is going great right now. Something isn't working and you have tried your best to fix it.
You have decided you need some help and that may also be uncomfortable. So, think of it as just the two of us having a talk. 


My Approach 


Research tells us what successful couples do and what they don’t do. It’s not complicated. You can learn it. The problem is that every couple comes into my office with baggage that keeps them from communicating well. My job is to help you move the baggage out of the way.

I use a four part approach for couples counseling. They are:

  • Identify the baggage and reduce its influence over you
  • Address past hurts
  • Address current events (the stuff you are having difficulty discussing)
  • increase REL (respect, esteem, and love) 
Our goal is to get significant improvement in your relationship in about three months. Can you give your relationship three months of your time? Just so you know. My practice is about half couples and I consider helping couples a calling.

Depression and Anxiety:

Just about everyone gets depressed or anxious sometimes (even therapists!). It is part of life. You are here looking for a therapist because one or both of these things have become a bigger part of your life than is healthy for you. 

There are two approaches to depression and anxiety. I use both as appropriate.

The first is symptom relief, This addresses such things as:
  • How to ignore unhelpful thoughts. 
  • How to accept unpleasant feelings
  • How to worry less
  • How to stay in the moment and not in future or the past.
The second approach is deeper and asks you to explore what role depression and/or anxiety plays in your life. This requires more effort but yields more long lasting results. You may already have tried approach one and it helped some but not enough.  You may be ready for approach two. Come in and let's talk about it.

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