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Conversations that make a difference 
  • Acknowledging with compassion that life presents challenges.
  • Understanding that life's challenges will naturally bring up painful thoughts, feelings, memories...
  • Sorting out how to shift out of unworkable patterns of struggling with painful thoughts and feelings.
  • Supporting meaningful goals and realistic action steps.

Charlie Laurel MS, LCMHC
  • Individual counseling for adults and older adolescents
  • Communication skills sessions for couples
  • Licensed in Vermont
  • Accepts many insurances 
  • Phone or secure video sessions during Coronavirus precautions
  • In person meetings (Dummerston, Vermont) are an option after Coronavirus restrictions lift

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My approach:
   Drawing largely from ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), I will offer a different approach to anxiety, depression, rumination, anger, obsessions and other problems. Rather than diagnosing these experiences as disorders, I'll be curious about your experience in life; how what you are experiencing and doing now makes complete sense in the context of what you have gone through on your journey through life. I'll ask you about what really matters to you, about your values, about your hopes and aspirations. We'll take time to sort out how you have been dealing with your challenges--what works, and what tends to get you even more stuck (even though it seems to help in the moment).  We'll set aside self-criticism for a while, and shift to different perspectives that yield more compassionate and creative ways to get on track with the life you want to be living. We'll practice skills to get untangled from un-helpful thoughts and skills to accept the gifts of meaning and motivation that even difficult to accept emotions can provide. And all this will happen on your terms, at your pace. 
   I also draw from my experience with Zen Buddhism, which has been an important part of my life over the past 30 years.  Buddhism offers a wealth of wisdom and practices that I appreciate for their practical applicability in helping me relate to what's happening around me with flexibility and curiosity rather than getting stuck on "my" point of view. I'm not religious about it. It might be part of our therapy conversation or it might not. I'll welcome whatever your spiritual orientation, or non-orientation is. 
About me: 
   I've been in this line of work for the past nine years. Counseling is my fourth career. Prior to counseling, I was teaching Environmental Studies and Human Ecology in community colleges. I still do some teaching here and there. And prior to that I was as house-builder for over 20 years; most of that time working as a general contractor specializing in radically environmentally-conscious dwellings made form local, natural and recycled materials. And, during my youthful 20s I played in rock bands and did what I could to pay the rent. I still enjoy playing music, and I enjoy gardening and being in nature.      

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