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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • 211 Culver Blvd. Ste. P , Playa Del Rey, California, 90293
  • Phone: 657-345-4681
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  • Session Fees: Free 20 minute consultation. $120-$175/session thereafter. PPO Insurance Accepted.
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·       Depression can be crippling, moving can be painful-attending to any task can seem overwhelming and headed for failure. 

Here is what we will do-

-Talk about the situations that led to your depression

-Identify what depression feels like to YOU-in your head, emotionally and in your body

-Identify the triggers to your depression AND all of the times you do not feel depressed

-Then we will collaborate on a plan to put you into actions that can be taken in realistic and practical ways to make you feel purposeful and effective again. This includes an exercise or movement regimen that we will implement during our time together-I will be there with you-to encourage, to push and keep you accountable to your beating depression.   

-We will then monitor the progress you made, what that felt like and if you were not able to accomplish, we will tweak and make another more doable plan!

What does an action plan look like- it really depends on each client’s situation but, as an example.  With a past client, his feelings of inadequacy made him feel depressed that he did not have any meaningful relationships, which then developed into social anxiety that kept him from speaking to anyone at work or going out.  We developed a workable plan that he felt was doable.  He made the commitment to take part in one of the activities he had planned on for months but dreaded due to his depression.  The following week, he went and actually spoke to 2 people he did not know.  Guess what? He described enjoying the conversations and felt that they were interested in him and engaged as much as he was! I asked about his depression-he confirmed that his depression had decreased and was much more manageable-this happened in 2 weeks! What also came from this experience for him was that it improved his outlook, got him off of the couch, started an exercise regimen, changed his diet and realized his capacity to be likable-which was used as a catalyst to plan his next course of action! 

I use an integrated mode to achieve emotional health.  In addition to talking, we will also discuss your diet, fitness regimen and the time you spend with people you enjoy.  Like in traditional therapy, talking about bad feelings works but it doesn't work for everyone! To achieve optimal well-being, we have to concentrate on the mind and the body- the way our bodies move, the way it is nourished and the relationships in our lives ultimately will make us feeling and achieving our best.  
Ok. You have taken the time and energy to click through my bio page.  Thanks for doing so and considering me to be your coach.  If there are questions still left unanswered, contact me below or call 657 345 4681 to schedule your free consultation.  

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