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My first steps in the field of mental health began, when I worked as a Volunteer Tutor for refugees, escaping war and poverty in their old countries and making a new life in the US.  As I enrolled in the graduate psychology program at Saint Mary's University, I also began working as an Independent Life Skills Coach for children, teens and adults with mental health struggles throughout Twin Cities. 
I graduated with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology in 2008 and decided to further develop my skills and knowledge by going into the Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Argosy University.  While completing my doctorate, I served as a Vocational Counselor for adults with severe mental illness and later as a community clinic Therapist in South Metro area of Twin Cities.  My work at the community clinic allowed me to work with a very diverse community of children, teens and adults, as well as families and couples.  It was an incredibly enriching experience, which allowed me to further develop my therapeutic skills and gain understanding about a number of struggles, facing people and families from various walks of life, as well as learning practical solutions to these struggles. 
I graduated from Argosy University with a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2015 and obtained my license as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the same year.  Since then, I have been continuing to provide community based counseling to families, in addition to seeing children, adults and families in my private practice in Bloomington and Minneapolis.  My education and experience are unique, in that they encompass both an extensive knowledge of family dynamics and individual therapy skills, but also a doctoral education, including the ability to utilize research to develop solutions for my clients.  Additionally, I have a background in creative arts, which can provide additional means for healing and expression for some people. 
My experience has taught me that even seemingly overwhelming problems could be overcome with care, persistence and hope, no matter how longstanding or hopeless the situation may seem at the outset.  I believe in people's resilience and ability to heal and create meaningful, purposeful lives, because I have witnessed this over and over again in my practice.  Even small children have amazing strength and ability to turn trauma into a successful and thriving participation in life, if given the right tools and care.

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