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  • Nurse Specialist, Family Counsellor
  • 1842 - 14 St SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2T 3S9
  • Phone: 403-831-0171
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  • Session Fees: 160.00 per therapy hour, sliding scale available for families who have financial need.

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Christie Orr-Brown is committed to helping families, teens, and children with relationship and mental health challenges.  Mental health and relationships exist in a context of physical, mental, and emotional environments. As an advanced practice nurse and therapist, Christie combines knowledge of physical and mental health with therapeutic strategies to improve healing and functioning.  This allows families to understand and improve mental health from a holistic perspective that accounts for the whole person and family system.  Christie is also trained to discuss mental health in the context of physical wellness and medical concerns. An assessment of your child and family will include questions related to physical, mental, and relational health and well-being. This will allow us to work together in ways that address all issues impacting your child and family, so you can get back to enjoying life and relationships.

Christie can help you with:
  • Family conflict (including sibling and parent-child relational concerns)
  • Depression
  • Self-injuring behaviours
  • Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • ADHD management (including education on strategies and medication)
  • Trauma
  • Navigating difficult transitions and change
  • Behavioural concerns

Benefits of therapy with Christie include:
  • Improved understanding of family members and patterns of family interaction
  • Improved understanding of mental health symptoms
  • Strategies for effective parenting
  • Relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD, and post-traumatic stress
  • Improved understanding of ADHD and strategies for management
  • A holistic treatment plan that addresses the biological, social, and psychological influences on mental health and relationship struggles

Services offered include:
  • Family Therapy - sessions for all or part of the family system
  • Individual Therapy - individual sessions for family members
  • Education - learn about strategies to improve mental wellness
  • Consulting - information on resources that can support your family

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Master of Nursing from the University of Calgary, with original research in effective family therapy techniques
  • Intensive internship at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre and Alberta Children’s Hospital
  • Experience working with children and teens in emergency department, inpatient, and outpatient mental health settings
  • Training in CBT and Trauma Focused CBT
  • Training in Collaborative Problem Solving
  • Training in pharmacology (licensed to discuss and provided education on psychiatric medications)
  • Training in crisis management and risk assessment

  • 160 dollars per therapy session, including families or individuals
  • Free initial consultation to discuss concerns
  • Receipt provided for submission for private insurance coverage
  • Sliding scale available for families with financial need, assessed on a case by case basis


Chadwick House
1842 - 14 St SW,
Calgary, AB   T2T 3S9

Parking available behind the building


Tel: 403-831-0171

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Calgary AB