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The office is conveniently located off highway 290, just east of downtown Dripping Springs and a few minutes west of Belterra Village. 



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I specialize in working with teens, adults, and families from a systemic perspective; the systemic therapy approach is holistic and integrative, recognizing that each individual exists in the context of the relationships around them. This way of looking at relationships can be applied in individual therapy, therapy with a teen and parent, or family therapy.


Finding a mental health professional you or your teen can be honest with and comfortable around is crucial to the therapeutic process, which is why I value authenticity and transparency in the therapy room; you are the expert on your life. 


Let me offer you an empathetic, nonjudgmental space in which you or your teen can process openly and honesty in order to develop new insight as well as new approaches to life's challenges.



When is the right time to start therapy?

Many times, people wait months or even years to begin therapy, and then wonder why they did not start sooner! There is a misconception that you must be in crisis to start therapy when really, therapy can act as preventative; providing growth and self-awareness that decreases the likelihood of an emotional crisis. We make an effort to support our physical health through preventative measures like diet, exercise, and wellness visits, but it is easy to forget about supporting our mental and emotional health; which is just as important to our happiness, overall health, and well-being.



We may work well together if you:

  • Value process-oriented therapy
  • Think you may be a highly sensitive person (
  • Are facing a life transition or uncertainty about the future
  • Are intuitive
  • Struggle with anxiety or depression
  • Struggle with grief, loss or bereavement
  • Would like to improve your relationships
  • Would like to work through family of origin complexities
  • Desire more self-compassion 
  • Value authenticity and individual uniqueness
  • Would like to increase emotional understanding and acceptance
  • Would like to work on mindfulness
  • Need to identify personal values, goals or passions
  • Need some new ways to deal with difficult emotions or situations
  • Feel like something needs to change but unsure about what
  • Would like to live more genuinely and wholeheartedly 


Serving Dripping Springs, Driftwood, Wimberley, and SW Austin 



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