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Christine grew up in Northern Utah and did her undergraduate work at Weber State University, obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1996. She worked as a nurse for a few years, and traveled with her family from Northern Utah to Indiana where her husband Jeff attended dental school. There she worked as a school nurse at an inner city school, and found herself coveting the Social Worker’s job… However, she took some time off work to be at home with her two young children for a few years.
In 2000 Christine and her family moved to Okinawa, Japan with the military. It was there that Christine read Viktor Frankl’s personal account of his experience in concentration camps in “Man’s Search for Meaning”, and became interested in counseling psychology. She began a Master’s program on Okinawa, but due to her baby’s medical needs her schooling was interrupted with a move to California.
While in California Christine enrolled in City University of Seattle’s distance learning program for Counseling Psychology. After a year in California she and her family moved to New York where her husband did a residency in orthodontics. In New York Christine homeschooled her two oldest children, taught them piano lessons, and made progress with her Master’s degree. In 2006 the Ericksons moved to Saint George, Utah.
Christine began seeing clients as a student intern at A Southern Utah Counseling Experience with Matt Eschler as her supervisor in 2006. She worked with a group of domestic violence perpetrators, and enjoyed helping individuals with anger management. She also worked with children doing play therapy.

Christine graduated cum laude from City University of Seattle in 2010 with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.
In an effort to gain more experience working with children who have Asperger’s, Christine moved to Redstone Counseling with Jennifer Spangler around 2011. She also began seeing clients at the Doctors’ Volunteer Clinic of Saint George soon after that, and stayed at the Volunteer Clinic for about three years. Christine spent another two years working with Matt Eschler, before opening her own practice, Emotional Healing, in 2017.
 Christine has seen clients with many different issues as a student, associate counselor, and licensed counselor. She has worked with clients experiencing
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
  • life transitions
  • unemployment
  • many other issues
She has worked with children dealing with the effects of
  • chronic bullying
  • family conflict 
  • trauma
  • Asperger’s 

In 2015 Christine completed a nine month course, obtaining a Certificate in Mindfulness in Psychotherapy from the Institute for Meditation in Psychotherapy in Barre, Massachusetts. Christine has also done training in Art Therapy, and intends to seek additional training in this area.
In addition to the art and play therapy she does with children, she teaches clients of all ages mindfulness principles and practices. She uses Cognitive Behavioral along with Humanistic theory principles with her clients, looking for practical solutions to help them move forward in life. She also uses Trauma Informed principles that utilize an awareness of the body in moving toward healing and health.
 Christine loves working with clients of all ages and backgrounds. In addition to working with adults (often dealing with anger or anxiety), she also loves working with children ages 9-13.

Christine and her husband Jeff have been residents of Saint George since 2006. They have six biological children, one daughter-in-law, and one foster daughter. Christine is currently working on a book (a better brain book) she plans to publish in 2018.

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