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A client new to my practice in Downtown New Westminster will find themselves entering a tranquil office space.  After being offered water, tea, or other measures to help them feel comfortable, they will discover a kind, compassionate, and respectful counsellor before them, one who provides a calming presence in the face of their struggles.
I am a Registered Social Worker with a Bachelors and a Masters degree in social work.  I am passionate about my profession and I feel it serves to augment my skill as a therapist or counsellor.
Using a gentle approach, I offer individual counselling to adults and young adults.  My skill in connecting with others is the key to success, as the better the therapeutic relationship, the more it becomes a source of healing.   My treatment modalities include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), psychotherapy or "talk" therapy, strategies to increase happiness and feelings of well-being, exposure therapy, mindfulness and relaxation, problem-solving, skillful listening, assertiveness skills-training, coping or comfort toolkits, solution-focussed therapy, trauma therapy including cognitive processing therapy (CPT), symptom-management, and psychoeducation.
I help people with depression, anxiety, & other forms of mental illness, grief & loss, trauma & post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), self-harm & suicidality, food issues, LGBTQ issues, substance use, and more.
As a social worker, I bring insight and understanding to special topics, such as the impact of discrimination or complex trauma on a client, for example.
 I center my practice around you and your unique personality and wants/needs; we then collaborate on a plan to help you feel hope and joy again... or whatever you feel has been missing from your life.

As a mental health professional who is currently still working in the field, I have the understanding and skill to work with people suffering from mental illness, or coping strategies which clients identify as unwanted and harmful. (Note, I do not diagnose mental illness or provide prescriptions for medication, but I can collaborate with your other health care providers upon request.)
I offer referrals, resources, and my sincere opinion of how you can start feeling better – right away.  I answer my phone daytime, evening, and weekends; clients may contact me for free, brief phone support outside of their scheduled appointment.
 I find that motivation is perhaps the best predictor of success in therapy; when a person is really engaged I am sometimes humbled to see how far they can go with a just a bit of support.  My goal in each session is for
my client to leave with something positive they didn't have before walking into my office.  For example, new-found hope, an appealing coping strategy to try, a sense of relief from a good cry, or having gained a valuable piece of insight about themselves or their struggles.  I value all kinds of feedback from my clients as this strengthens the relationship and enhances our work together.

Through reflection on past sessions, clinical supervision, professional development opportunities, and self-directed study, I strive constantly to improve my practice.  I am bound by the codes of ethics for social workers in BC and in Canada.
Some health plans cover counselling by registered social workers like me, so ask your health insurance provider about it today.  I am also an approved counsellor with the Crime Victim’s Assistance Program, which canprovide free counselling for those who are eligible, including in the case of childhood sexual abuse/assault.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me directly.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

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