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Currently, I'm a counsellor/ therapist; have been a social worker in child protection and in family support, an addictions counsellor, a teacher, a foster parent, and a professional early childhood development teacher. In supporting families, I have years of insight and experience that can assist you to get your parenting, or relationship back on track, and you can enjoy your family more.

My skills and education include: Early Childhood Development Diploma, Bachelor of Education, and Masters of Science Counselling Psychology, Brief Systemic Family Therapy, training in Sexuality and Trauma/Crisis interventions, have done a Psychodrama, and Family Reconstruction, Breath and Reiki work, Adlerian, Cognitive/Social and Virginia Satir therapy models, Life Skills trainings, Response Based practice, Heart Coherence, Mindfulness,Violence and Addictions Interventions, and Personal Development. Currently, I am completing my Play Therapy certificate. My addictions work is informed by Dr Gabor Mate's book, in the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts.
My counselling approach is client centered. Each client knows what his/her priorities are and what fits for their life goals. You get to go at your own pace, and we mutually set goals. Most of my work is short term focus, but I have had clients wanting to do deeper recovery, going for more counselling sessions.
Finding balance, with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of living, brings you more stability and peace. Using skills to identify, and work with sometimes competing emotions, is the first step in emotional literacy.
Knowing how to listen to yourself, process what you have experienced is the key to working with mindfulness. Going deeper into your own processing is gentle and can unlock you from fear traps. and help you move through grief and anger. Doing this with a counsellor is so much easier to navigate, with less wear and tear.
Who: Children, teens, adults, couples can have individual or family sessions.
Play therapy can be for anyone wishing support in expressing, processing emotions, situations that have been experienced. Art, montage or sand table work, figurines, music, house corner, doll houses, are available.
Inner child work can make a huge difference in lowering the inner conflict and confusion that you experience. As you integrate past, present needs, you create a new future potential, and get to have more fun and peace. Develop an ability to be present and in your personal power, in a good way.
Addiction recovery is available pre, and post treatment. I can help you make a plan around gambling, or substance issues. Then, I support you to take your action steps to rebuild your life. 
In working with anxiety, depression, and managing crisis; empowerment is part of recovery, and balance.  I have gone through my own journey, deep into my own resources in healing from cancer. I can now assist you in mindfulness, meditation, bio-feedback, body relaxation techniques that are so important in healing. I am a Reiki master teacher, this knowledge also informs my work. 

Presently I work with some EAP providers, and directly with clients. ICBC have paid my invoices, on behalf of clients. Blue cross and Manulife accept receipts for reimbursement, but there are variances in plans, so check first. If you do have coverage under an EAP plan, please check what your policy requirements are. Receipts can be claimed as a health expense with income tax returns. 

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