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My Experience

Beginning as an elementary school teacher, my curiosity and commitment to personal and professional growth motivated me to earn a Master’s degree in 1977.  I then worked with special needs children and adolescents with learning and communication disorders as well as disruptive behavioral disorders.  

I attended Northwestern University in Illinois and obtained my PhD in 1982.  I was especially interested in developmental process of language and cognition, how we communicate and the underlying neuropsychological processes.  I taught undergraduate and graduate university courses for several years.

In 1986, when I was a visiting scholar at OISE in Toronto, my professional life took a turn when I was introduced to the work of the noted Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Jung.  I studied dream interpretation for 13 years, developed a strong foundation in the work of Carl Jung with studies in Zurich and Toronto and went into Jungian analysis myself.  I became a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice in 1991.

Since moving to Victoria, I have continued to take on-going professional development.  My work is now grounded in three major approaches:  Somatic Transformation/Body Centered therapies, Mindfulness Based therapies, and Jungian psychotherapy. 


My approach

Traditional psychology follows the medical model.  Problems are diagnosed and treatment is often a technique designed to change behavior.  In other words, psychological methods tend to approach therapy from the “outside-in”. 

I will approach our work from the “inside-out”.  The issues motivating you to seek a therapist actually contain the seeds of the solutions you are seeking.  You have an inner wisdom and a path that is right for you.  My role as a therapist and counsellor is to guide and teach you how to access this inner knowing. From that place of wisdom, habitual patterns and tendencies that no longer serve you begin to drop away.

Why Seek Therapy?

It is important to acknowledge that some problems defy labels. Many people undertake therapy for long-term development in order to enhance their lives.

Psychotherapy can benefit you in many ways, from improving your ability to solve problems, to developing your interpersonal skills and increasing your sense of well-being.

Whatever your reason for seeking a therapist, the rhythm and depth of your therapy will be guided by your needs and be unique to you. Together we will explore, in a non-judgmental way, the events and relationships of your daily life.

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