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  • Clinical Psychologist & Coach
  • 2942 N. 24th St., Suite 110, Phoenix, Arizona, 85016
  • Phone: 602 323-7824
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  • Session Fees: $300.00: I do not accept insurance.
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Peak Performance Series

Relationship Series 

Do you struggle with anxiety, stress, confidence, or getting a good night’s rest?

Do you have a strong desire to get to that next level of peak performance?

Are your relationships not as strong as you wish them to be?

I help executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, leaders, and other high achievers permanently reduce anxiety and stress while raising confidence so that you can consistently hit higher levels of peak performance both professionally and personally.

For the past 20+ years as a psychologist and coach, I have guided thousands of people just like you through my proven, focused, and unique action-oriented programs that use the latest neuroscience to target the skills, strategies, and practices you need to break through barriers and limitations, eliminate unhealthy ineffective patterns, and finally develop the more successful and healthy life you deserve. 

So, if you are looking for traditional approaches where you sit on the couch passively chit chatting, going over and over the same woes, or just taking medication, this is not for you.  

In our work together, you will go through a very active process to transform your health, business, relationships, and life. You will achieve more focus, clarity, and vision for the type of life you truly want to live. You will walk out with specific action plans after every session that help you get more of the success that you deserve.


Guest and Cited Expert 

Dr. Lopez has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and serves as a treating psychologist for guests on the show. Similarly, she served this role for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. Dr. Lopez also was featured on the reality TV series Downsized as the marriage therapist for the couple on that show. She is a cited and guest expert for media such as Forbes and the List as well as podcasts such as the Growth to Freedom show and Smashing the Plateau.

Dr. Cristy Loped has made multiple appearances on national TV shows, speaking engagements, syndicated radio programs, and pod casts. For a more complete list of Dr. Lopez' media engagements check out her website:


What Others are Saying about Dr. Lopez

“Dr. Lopez, Phoenix is lucky to have you!”

Dr. Phil, host of the Dr. Phil Show


“Dr. Cristy Lopez can help you transform your life, career, marriage, and relationships. Whether you’re a busy executive or in a career transition, she will show you how to build your success from the inside out.”

Dan Kuschell, Business Growth Specialist


“Now that we recognize the power of Dr. Cristy, we are using her in a variety of ways-building our team, interviewing candidates, becoming more dynamic, and that’s only touching the surface of what she has to offer.”

Family Business


“Thank you Dr. Cristy Lopez. I still have the notes from the class you held and refer to them often. They have been a huge help in my reaching my goals.”

Laura Luz


“Dr. Lopez’ endless words of wisdom impact my daily life. I move through motions differently. Even though I always envisioned myself as one of the happiest people in the world, she has channeled that energy to something bigger, better, and stronger.”

Family Business


“Thank you for all your teaching and tools that have helped me become a better me!”

Mari Beltran Goodwine

Education and Training

• B.A. Psychology: University of California-Berkeley

• M.A. and Ph.D. Clinical Psychology: University of Missouri-Columbia

• Clinical internship: University of Illinois-Chicago

• Post-doctoral fellowship: Arizona State University

• Clinical residency: Phoenix

• Continuing Education


Awards and Grants

Post-Doctoral National Research Science Award from the National Institute of Health to support research training of highly promising postdoctoral candidates who have the potential to become productive, independent investigators in scientific health-related research fields.

Dissertation Research Grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, the largest funder of research on mental disorders in the world.



Cognitive Therapy and the Self

Peer Victimization and Rejection: Investigation of an Integrative Model of Effects on Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Adjustment in Early Adolescence

For a complete list of my dozen+ publications and other scholarship contact me at



 • The Dr. Phil Show

• Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

• Downsized

• Forbes

• The Growth to Freedom Show

• Smashing the Plateau 

• Level Up Tribes

• Many More... 

Professional Organizations

 American Psychological Association

The leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the U.S. With a mission to promote advancement, communication, and application of psychological science and knowledge to benefit society and improve lives.


Arizona Psychological Association

Preserve the integrity of the psychology profession, promote health, and advocate in the public interest.


Arizona Psychological Foundation

Promotes psychological science and practice, which facilitates well-being and overall mental health literacy for individuals, families, and communities.


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