Crystal Derry, R.T.C., B.Sc.Kin.

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Crystal Derry
Crystal Derry

Registered Therapeutic Counselor
Transformational Counselor 
Transformational & Leadership Coach
CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor
Presently I am not accepting new clients. I want to ensure I can provide the best service possible, and right now, my client list is full. Bridge Counseling has an excellent team of Counselors. I am confident there is a good fit for you.
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What is your normal? Has just coping become your way of life? There is a part of all of us that is a survivor; that part that holds us together when we feel like falling apart. This marvelous evolutionary adaptation keeps us alive but can interfere with our ability to thrive. But there is hope. 

  • When was the last time you questioned your relationships or career path, and feared you’ve made a wrong turn (or worse, missed the boat entirely)? 
  • Is there a continuous film reel in your head that keeps playing shameful, embarrassing or negative events of your past--on repeat? 
  • Are you caught up in trying to meet others’ expectations of you--while comparing yourself to those around you?

Consciously Create Your Life

  • Have a deep knowing that you’re making the right choices, at the best possible time. 
  • Have a clear sense of direction about where your life is headed--and how to translate your strengths & values into the world.
  • Tap into your true passions--and your inner wisdom to make them a reality.
  • Have a deep respect (and love) for the incredible person you’re becoming, and your ability to command the life you want.

I help clients move past talking about their experience to processing through it. The goal is never "coping with" but "moving past" - thriving, not surviving.

Each of us has a different path; no two are alike. You need (and deserve) a therapist who knows how to tap in--deeply--to your unique strengths and values, and the experiences and challenges you come with. That’s what I do.

I’ll help you navigate from wherever you are, to where you want to be--the relationship, the job, the way you feel when you wake up every morning. And on the way, we’ll crack open a part of you you know exists: A powerful, inner knowing of the life you truly want, and your ability to create it.

I offer help in the following areas: 

  • mental training
  • self-esteem / self-growth
  • body image
  • athletic performance issues
  • loss and grief
  • depression and anxiety
  • stress management
  • crisis and life transitions
  • difficulties with other relationships (family, friends, colleagues)
  • personal development
  • control issues

Why would you choose me? In sessions together, we’ll uncover your strengths and values away from the pressures and expectations of friends or family. This is my favorite part. There’s something magical that happens when you access the incredible power that comes from being able to own where you are, where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there. Uncovering your path to this is what you and I can do, together.  

As a Registered Therapeutic, my training and experience are grounded in an appreciation of the individual in relation to their environment (family of origin, current and past relationships, friendships, community and society).  

While I have training in various therapeutic approaches, my style is eclectic, in response to your needs and priorities. We may meet once, several times, often or occasionally, depending on what works best for you. Your confidentiality, values and choices will always be respected. 

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I also off an exciting alternative of Walk Talk Therapy

Walk Talk Therapy, just as the name suggests, combines walking and talking. It gets you out of the counselling office and gets you moving your body as you explore your concerns. Research findings suggest that exercise significantly impacts anxiety and stress and tends to improve overall mood. It is clear that walking is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. Many clients find that Walk Talk Therapy is a more relaxed experience, encourages healthy activity and also compliments their fitness goals.

Why choose Walk Talk Therapy?

  • Walk Talk Therapy gets you moving—both literally and figuratively.
  • Walk Talk Therapy is an excellent choice if you are going through a life transition, have anxiety, are experiencing loss or grief, as well as other challenges.
  • You set the pace of the session. Walk Talk Therapy will match your speed whether you prefer a relaxing, meditative session or a faster-paced session.
  • Research studies have demonstrated that physical activity can enhance both the mental and physical health of clients.  Physical activity has also been linked to reduced levels of depression and anxiety and can help to alleviate depressive symptoms.
  • You may find that looking forward rather than directly at a therapist may help you open up.

Kate Hays Ph.D., author of Working It Out: Using Exercise in Psychotherapy, there are three critical reasons for combining exercise and therapy:

  1. It encourages clients to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons.
  2. It helps clients get “unstuck” as they face difficult issues.
  3. It stimulates creative, more profound ways of thinking enhanced by mood-improving physical activity.

If you are excited to make a change, crush your goals, step into your power, cultivate compassion or let go of anything that is not serving you, contact me.

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At Bridge Counseling, we specialize in connecting you to your potential, allowing you to consciously design your best life. Our team brings the expertise to facilitate both the healing of counselling and results-oriented coaching to provide support for the educational and personal development of individuals, couples and families within the community. The best gift you could give yourself is the time to reflect and gain the clarity, skills and motivation needed to DESIGN the future you truly deserve! 

Bridge Counseling Services:


  • Individual
  • Family
  • Relationship

We provide professional, confidential and respectful therapy. We help you connect to your potential. Whether you want to improve your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your family or your co-workers; we build on your strengths and help you resolve issues that are keeping you stuck.

Sexual intimacy is a natural and important aspect of marriage. We help you deal with intimacy issues in a sensitive and respectful manner.
Feedback Improved Therapy (FIT) can improve the effectiveness of therapy by 120%. We use FIT to help ensure our clients receive the help they need. READ MORE


  • Individual
  • Couple

Bridge Counseling’s coaching philosophy assumes that you already have within yourself the answers to the issues in your life. We coach you to achieve success, fulfillment, and balance in your relationships with loved ones, with friends and associate and with your self. We help you to accomplish the following:

  • Acknowledge and accept issues and problems you need to resolve
  • Break through self-deception causing you to blame others and remain stuck
  • Recognize fears blocking you from reaching your potential and living your dreams
  • Learn how to be mindful and understand how your negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs keep you stuck
  • Brainstorm and reflect on different perspectives to overcome blocks and work towards change
  • Accept absolute personal responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and behaviors
  • Begin to live consciously by becoming present, positive focused, giving, forgiving and expressing gratitude
  • Identify and honor your core values and beliefs and live your life with a peaceful soul
  • Create a dynamic vision of the future to guide you as you reach for your potential
  • Develop a plan with specific goals and a system of personal accountability
  • Make an unconditional commitment to live each day with intention in order to move forward and create the life you will love

Marriage Preparation

This non-denominational marriage preparation education is accepted by most churches as a prerequisite for marriage. Fun, interactive course taught by professional counselors. Participate to your comfort level. Learn and practice skills that will enhance your marriage. Certificate of Course Completion.

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