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  • Licensed Pastoral Counselor, Certified Life Coach
  • Life in Abundance, Simpsonville, South Carolina, 29681
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My name is Cindy and I am an RN and a clinical counselor.  I hold a BS from Boston University in nursing, an MS from the University of Miami in Ed Admin,  and an earned PhD in clinical counseling from Cornerstone University in Louisiana.  I now practice counseling and coaching with a 501C 3 non profit organization called Life in Abundance.  I willingly serve whoever asks for me.  If your needs are not within my scope of practice,  I will readily refer you to an appropriate practitioner.
I am a nationally certified counselor in 4 areas with the AACC, licensed with advanced certification through the NCCA,  and I am commissioned as a licensed pastoral counselor with NCCC.  For life coaching I am certified with the AACC and am a member of the ICCA (International Christian Coaching Association). 
Our counseling care plan is based on a thorough assessment of your need and your expressed desire for change.  I work with couples to help them grow their marriage, to learn new ways of conflict resolution, or to work through difficult parenting issues.  I also work with individuals who are struggling with complicated grief.  I work with women who are struggling with life transitions that have put them temporarily off balance.  I  do life coaching for women, for relationships, and for spiritual formation,  as people pursue growing in their faith walk in a specific and focussed way.

Personally speaking, I am happily married to my husband Nick for 43 years. We have a good marriage, not a perfect marriage, but we both know that it is an everyday work-it-out relationship to make it last.  I am so thankful we both know that and work on it daily.  We gave birth to two sons, our youngest son died at the age of 19 while free diving.  I never thought it would happen to us.  Walking through the loss of our son contributed to creating a heart of compassion in me for those who are grieving through losses of any kind in their life.  
Our oldest son Nick and daughter in law Annie are missionaries in Grenoble France and we have 4 truly lovely grandchildren.  We spent 30 years living off the continent of the US in the Caribbean, and we were blessed to enjoy relationships with people of many colors, cultures, and ethnicities.  We love the beauty of the diversity of our world.
Spending time getting to know people and processing life together out loud is a core value for me.  I am a Christian clinical counselor and I believe that we were each created uniquely by God. I believe that often our difficulties and problems can spring from very valid unmet needs, and the unhealthy ways we choose to get those needs met.  In counseling, I use an in depth temperament analysis (the APS) as well as many other assessment tools to complete a thorough history that will lay a foundation for our counseling or coaching work together. 
Accepting you as you are and listening carefully to you are core values for me.  Listening is far more important in counseling than speaking and so that is the largest part of my role, making sure that you and your story are heard, and understood.  I commit to walk alongside of you for a season, whether that be short or long.   I believe that often important work can be done in a few sessions together.  I will strive to provide you with life tools to face the challenges of your "today" and to help you create or recreate the vision you have for your "tomorrow".      

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