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In a word, therapy is "relational." Many clinical training programs emphasize a managed care "what's wrong with you" approach to therapy. Although I am trained in evidence-based practice in developing treatment plans, I believe responsible therapy moves beyond mere symptom management. I follow tangible, effective treatment for a wide variety of mental health issues, but I also emphasize the importance of a client's identity in community, sense of purpose in life, and healthy identity development. My clinical expertise and relational approach work in harmony to provide an ideal foundation for personal growth.

Adolescence and adulthood are both characterized by profound emotional, cognitive, and physiological growth. Due to increased demand from young adults, I largely focus on the struggles that emerge during this time period: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse, perfectionism, impulse management, family relationships, identity development struggles, and more. However, I also work with middle-age transitions from empty nest challenges to discovering new narratives in changing families.

I believe therapy is about safety and empowerment. Unique challenges emerge in every stage of life. My clients know they have a safe space to explore difficult issues. I seek to empower my clients as they discover new coping skills and work toward growth and healing. When possible, I find that deepening family bonds reinforces social interaction and helps navigate complex relational boundaries. Working collaboratively with families in the therapy process can lead to new bridges of understanding in the home.

Finding the right “fit” is essential to successful therapy. In my experience, establishing a sense of safety and connection with your therapist is the first step toward healing and growth. You may want to take time to explore local directories and find a few therapists that feel like they could be the right fit for you, or you can contact me and I will gladly collaborate with you to see if we're a good fit or recommend someone in my network of clinicians who could be perfect for you.

These are the core therapeutic values that I embrace:

1. Authenticity

I seek to be genuine in my work with others. Building an effective therapeutic alliance involves developing a sense of trust and rapport between clinician and client. A therapist’s ability to be honest and consistently authentic contributes greatly to this process of rapport building. Carl Rogers called this trait “congruence”, and he identified it as one of the most important attributes a therapist can possess.

2. Empathy 

The ability to enter into and understand another’s experience is the foundation of all effective therapeutic process. Empathy is a therapist’s primary instrument. I clarify and nuance complex emotional experience with this tool. I also use it to inform and tune even the most basic of behavioral interventions. As a clinician, it is imperative that I understand and am accurately attuned to my client’s experience. This is always the first goal of every therapeutic hour.

3. Understanding and Integrating Affect

From the tenth-grader struggling to manage his impulsivity and boredom, to the forty year old who can’t understand why she feels so anxious and depleted, most of our “problems in living” have their roots in our inability to regulate and/or integrate affective experience. Our emotions are like a compass designed to help us navigate the world. One of my strengths is helping people attend to, make sense out of, and utilize their emotions.

Go for it! 

I would love to help you take the first step into a healing, growing, therapeutic journey. Whether with myself or another therapist, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and begin working on yourself in ways that will bring about transformative fulfillment in your life!

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