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  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • 1655 Capitol St. NE, Salem, Oregon, 97301
  • Phone: 503-569-1162
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  • Session Fees: SLIDING SCALE: $120 for those who can afford it, lower to much lower for those who cannot.
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My name is Dan Scarl.   I have an addictions counseling practice in Salem, Oregon.


Why I do counseling

When I was a small child, I was interested in the '”wise men” in stories who knew things to help people, and since then. I have always wanted to help others. (Some people have even told me since then that I am wise, though I know I still have much to learn.)
 Problems I can help with
 Now I have a private practice where I help people find good solutions for their problems – usually problems that are connected with some kind of addiction --  whether in themselves or in someone close to them.
The addictions I've worked with include
stimulants and other drugs
pornography and sex addiction. 
I help my clients to stay abstinent from these things, but also with many other problems that had arisen in their lives.  (People tend to not deal well with problems while they're actively addicted, and the addiction itself often generates new problems.)
  So I've helped my clients find ways to deal with problems in
their relationships,
their jobs
 their families
and with finding activities to make their lives more interesting and worthwhile.
The approach I use
 Many studies have found that the particular "school" or theoretical approach a counselor or therapist uses has little to do with how successfully they help their clients.   I use things from a number of approaches, but if asked what method I use, I'd describe my practice as generally being Client-Centered.   This means I try to listen listen to my clients and help them to find solutions, rather than giving them advice.
More than solving problems
I have helped people to better identify what they really want; and, when that involved something they wanted from someone else, how to ask for it in ways that were effective and not offensive or threatening.  To do that I often use something called Nonviolent Communication, which is very useful  for finding good solutions that satisfy everyone concerned in a conflict.

I received an MS in psychology from Portland State University in 1986, and I have been a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor since 2001. As part of retaining that certification, I take at least 40 hours of continuing education every two years.   I also have training in Nonviolent Communication.
My experience includes 10 years as a counselor in an addiction rehabilitation facility, eight years working with chronically mentally ill people at a shelter home, and three years volunteering in penitentiaries.  I've had my current counseling practice.for over twelve years.
Because I want to exclude as few people as possible because of their finances, I charge fees on a sliding scale:
For those who can afford it my fee is $120 per session; for others it is less.   I do not ask clients to fill out financial forms but just to estimate what they can reasonably afford.
My office is easily accessible in Salem by car or by bus, located at 1655 Capitol NE.
My phone number is (503) 569-1162.

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