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Hello! My name is Dana Bridges and I am very excited to be of service to you. I offer a laid back, warm and welcoming therapy style. As a Christian, I offer Biblical components to therapy sessions upon request, such as prayer and Scriptures. As a licensed clinician, I offer years of experience working with a plethora of different issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, grief/loss, adjustment to change, and so much more to individuals, couples, families, teenagers, and military personnel. 
Let me tell you a little bit of how I came to this point of being a licensed therapist who incorporates Christian principles (but never forces them). First and foremost, I am a lover and follower of Jesus which led me to Narrow Way Bible College and Seminary where I obtained a Doctorate in Theology. I continue to attend classes as my belief is there is no end to learning about God and who He is. I was created with the gifts of compassion, empathy, and the desire to help fellow man which is why I chose counseling as a career choice. It seems to come naturally to me. This passion for helping others is what led me to Liberty University where I obtained a Master of Arts degree in Professional Counseling. Since being licensed as a mental health counselor, I have joined the American Association of Christian Counselors and became a Nationally Certified Counselor. 
I am also a very present person in my personal relationships. I consider my biggest accomplishment, more so than my education or career, to be my healthy marriage to my best friend. He is a veteran which is why I hold a deep appreciation and respect for our service members, past and present. In my personal time, I am usually doing something fun with my husband, playing with my dog, attending something church or ministry related, or spending time with friends and family. Whether talking to clients or friends, I love listening to others' stories, struggles, and journeys even though I don't have all the answers. I simply listen and walk through the storm with people who need a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on. I do my best to offer unconditional acceptance regardless of past mistakes or the worst horror stories. I learn so much from others' strength and courage when facing a storm which is why I consider it an honor and privilege to do what I do. 

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