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When was the last time someone heard you? Really listened?
Express who you are and how you feel in a safe place and reap the benefits of active listening. You've started your search and that shows me you can change and remove the obstacles that are blocking you from living freely.
I'll support your efforts to change patterns that interfere with your daily life or handle the misunderstandings and traumas that cause you and your partner to struggle.
Whatever issue you're facing, you'll find guidance in a caring environment. Anxieties, sexual issues like porn addiction or sexual avoidance, or relational trauma don't have to control you. 
 I have effectively helped many clients successfully bridge the gap between sex and intimacy aswell as heal from a host of various sexual dysfunctions including: low sexual
desire, mismatched desire in couples, painful intercourse, sexual inexperience,

erectile dysfunction, due sex and pornography addictions, and female pain issues. Are you and your partner fighting
over sex? Are you a sex or porn addict? Do you live a double life hiding from yourpartner? Do you only equate sex with love?

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