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I believe that adolescences is one of the most challenging times in a male’s life. It is a time of transition and ambiguity where teens become adults and discover their true self. Your child experiences varied sentiments everyday - “am I an adult or am I still a kid,” “which boundaries can I push,” “yes, I can go see my friends, BUT…,” “what is expected from me at home, school, life,” and ultimately, “who am I?”

While there are many things that occur during adolescence such as brain growth and an increase in hormones during puberty causing teens to appear to act immature, especially males. However, from a behavioral and emotional view point adolescence can be summed up into novelty seeking, social engagement, increased emotional intensity and creative exploration.  Some young males can adjust to the pressures and demands easily and others struggle with this stage of development. These challenges can lead to rebelling from parents, engaging in risky behaviors, increased mood swings and an increased desire to search for meaning and purpose. These are extremely difficult stages to face head on and it is no surprise that mental health concerns may arise. During such a volatile time, it is important to treat these adversities so that teens are not predisposed to emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, depression, substance abuse and impulse control disorders.

What is the tipping point and how can we prevent further problems for your son in adulthood?

Communicating with teens can be a challenge in and of itself. Except, unlike family and friends, where teens have to balance the expectations of their parents and teachers and the negative stigma of mental health with their friends, I am neutral. I have no agenda other than to help, guide and assist teens through this stage of their lives. I want to get them past their current struggles to their preferred future, in order to live life to the fullest. I know that adolescents have their challenges and coming to speak with me is not always going to be easy. I understand this hurdle and work with your teen to explore past and current challenges, create better solutions, build a stronger mindset and achieve their goals. 

Adolescences is a stressful time for everyone involved, however provided with the right tools, teens can build positive relationships, live life with energy, vitality and zest, create a fascination for life and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We all want our children to be successful, call today if your teen is in need of help. 

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