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  • BC Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • 1505 Fell Street #2, Victoria, British Columbia, V8R 4V9
  • Phone: 778-678-2293
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  • Session Fees: Base rates of $125 for individuals, $140 for couples and families. Sliding scale and benefactor rates are explained on my website.
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From early childhood, social norms about gender and sexuality influence how we are supposed to present ourselves to the world, how others treat us, how we are expected to socialize, which bathroom is safe for us to enter, whom we are supposed to be attracted to, how we are meant to behave in bed, and who counts as family.
When your intimate sense of who you are and how you seek joy, love and connection with other people doesn't fit into the boxes most people take for granted, it can be hard.
 Sometimes it's a quiet background hard:
  • managing daily misconceptions about your life, your gender, or that of your real or imagined partners
  • trying to decide when to correct those assumptions and when it isn't worth the effort
  • accepting that there are fundamental ways in which most of society just doesn't understand your world
  • dealing with how people react when you try to explain
  • coping with ignorance and micro-aggressions, lack of representation 

At other times, it's heart-wrenching hard:
  • when you're still trying to understand what's happening with you and why you don't seem to fit
  • when you think or know that your loved ones can't handle knowing who you really are
  • when your religious beliefs condemn you
  • when you've been judged, rejected or excluded because of your gender or sexuality
  • when something else is distressing you, but everyone keeps blaming your identity or your relationship style

As a queer-identified therapist, I am passionate about providing competent, respectful and affirmative therapy for folks whose gender and sexual identities don't line up with society's assumptions about who they should be or how they should love. I trust that authenticity is life-giving, that there is a path through difficult emotional experiences, and that relationships can be repaired and transformed.

I work with a wide variety of clients within that mandate:
  • Youth and adults exploring their gender or sexual identity
  • Parents adjusting to an LGBTQ+ child coming out
  • Seniors coming out to themselves and their loved ones later in life
  • LGBTQ+ couples and families in conflict, crisis or transition
  • Trans, two-spirited and non-binary folks striving to live more authentically
  • Folks who are asexual/aromantic, polyamorous, or kinky.  

I help empower my clients to overcome the impact of prejudice on mental health, heal from traumatic experiences, and create new ways of relating to themselves and the people they love.
Set up a free 30 minute consultation to learn more about how I can help you and start getting the support you deserve today! 

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